Astrology gifts/zodiac gifts: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces gifts

Libra as dominant energy

Anything you would buy as a gift should perfectly integrate in whatever their ambiance is.

Decorating objects are perfect for such type of personality, but make sure that color and form are in balance with their apartment or office or the way they dress, this will make them perfectly happy.

Libra man Christmas gifts ideas

Libra-type men are characterized by refinement, sensitivity toward harmony and elegance. I don’t recommend buying clothes for someone with Libra dominant energy, but accessories are always welcome.

A new belt, gloves, according to the persons dressing style, maybe handkerchiefs or a neck cloth could bring a touch of elegance and style.

An elegant poster or painting if it fits his room, depending on his general activities or hobbies,  or other decorating objects that can be hang on the wall or put on shelves like statues or special candles for example can light him up.

Libra woman Christmas gifts ideas

For a Libra-type women, a shopping card would make the ideal gift, this gives her the chance to buy her own clothes and accessories. Also, she would be thrilled if you would accompany her to shopping (and be happy about it in the same time), this could be a gift in itself.

Different type of vases and candles, maybe Christmas related decorations can also be a good idea for a gift. If you buy jewelry, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be several pairs of earrings for example, giving her the chance to try all her clothes on with each of them and asking for your opinion which goes well.

Generally for both Libra man and Libra woman

Any Libra-type person will love social gatherings, an invitation to fashion shows or accessory exhibitions, decoration objects exhibitions, anything that is an art form he or she appreciates, would make a fulfilling experience.

A romantic movie set as a Christmas present, followed by a romantic evening with candle lights, maybe a long bath with a lot of foam would be an experience to remember for any Libra personality.

Scorpio as dominant energy

Scorpio Man Christmas gifts ideas

Scorpio-type men are not very talkative, nor very sociable, they love mystery and usually anything that is not transparent for them at least not in the beginning (which is quite rare).

It would be interesting to make up a story full of mystery out of their Christmas present, like hiding it somewhere and giving them clues about it, it should not be too serious though, but something he would have to search for really hard. 

For them it’s not about the present, but about the fascination of the desire in getting to it.

They love to seduce, so a perfume which would enhance their secret charm is appropriate, but also books like detective novels or subjects regarding mysteries or the occult and the paranormal phenomena in the world will raise their curiosity.

Scorpio Woman Christmas gifts ideas

Scorpio-type women are extremely erotic and fascinating.

For them the feminine magic is essential, so both, sexy underwear and perfume, are perfect (everything that she can use to seduce and to manifest her fascinating nature), but also means like incense stick, candles, candle holders, which allow her to create magical worlds are a way to awaken her profound nature.

Generally for both Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman

Magic and eros are essential for the Scorpio personality.

A magical night with incense and candles, maybe a few erotic toys and some sexy outfit, maybe a striptease performed for him or her will light them up for sure, and make an unforgettable experience. A blindfold can make it even more intense…

Sagittarius as dominant energy

They will probably be glad to have anything as a present, being given their natural ability to enjoy life and everything about it, but you might be more specific to their needs in a few aspects.

They are also open to new experiences this makes them a quite challenging subject for buying a present.

Sagittarius Man Christmas gifts ideas

Sagittarius-type men are full of life, open minded, but with well defined standards and rules. If you are planning to buy them clothes, which as for any Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) is of great importance because of their image in front of others, make sure to buy something that fits their standards (as brand and/or store). 

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you have to know well their standards.
Books are welcome for Sagittarius-type personality, philosophy for example, but they will surely love encyclopedias (big-ones, with a lot of pictures in them), usually on any subject, but if you know their area of interest you should focus on that.

Sagittarius Woman Christmas gifts ideas

Being fascinated by other cultures and countries, Sagittarius-type women will always welcome presents that take them into other worlds, like statues or artifacts from other cultures, from distant lands, and to complete the effect you should have some description about the culture it comes from.

As I told you about Sagittarius-type men, books and encyclopedias are also welcome for women too, depending on their interests.

Generally for both Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius Woman

As an unforgettable experience, a trip to a country that has some exotic aspects, as the culture, with a lot of tours where he or she can expand the knowledge on the country is something a Sagittarius-type personality would really appreciate.

For example, a few days of the holiday spent in some location which you know that fascinates him or her (not necessarily another continent, but a place that has a spiritual meaning for him or her) could lift them up and recharge their batteries as well.

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Capricorn as dominant energy

Capricorn Men Christmas gifts ideas

They tend to be very serious, well organized, and focused toward efficiency. Thus, anything that will help the Capricorn men to be more effective is welcome, and it has to have a certain utility. If he is a business man,  a new business card holder  or even a phone support (maybe a hands-free kit) for his car are ideal gifts.

A new high quality pen, watch, briefcase or agenda are accessories that a Capricorn personality will always appreciate. If he has a hobby (or maybe he does repairing around in the house) , tools or toolkits that will increase his efficiency in getting the job done suits his idea of perfect gift.

Capricorn Women Christmas gifts ideas

Considering the same orientation toward efficiency, kitchen appliances (blender, sandwich maker, food processors,dish washer), or other kitchen accessories, anything that would increase her effectiveness and reduce the time needed to prepare the meal is ideal for her. If she is career or business oriented, as well as for men, accessories that bring a certain image of a well organized person, are welcome.

Generally Gifts for Capricorn Men and Capricorn Women

Capricorn-type personalities are not really into any kind of life experience, unless it brings them closer to a well defined purpose.

So if you are planning to take him somewhere, make sure that at least the experience is connected to what his or her purposes are or make it look like a personal development experience, through which he or she can enhance certain aspects of his/her personality thus helping them get closer to their targets.

Maybe you can attend together a workshop or seminar for self-development, making the experience fulfilling for both of you.

Aquarius as dominant energy

It is quite hard to shop for the Aquarius-type personality, but you have to get into their mind for a little time, then it will come easily. Anything that you buy for them, has to be something they never had, and it has to be surprising; never buy an Aquarius something he or she told you would want. The surprise itself might be the greatest gift…

Aquarius Men Christmas gifts ideas

Aquarius-type men are spontaneous, innovative and friendly. 

They are interested in anything that is cutting-edge technology or sciences which are a new frontier. State of the art audio and video equipment,  iPad technology, a new model of phone which appeared recently on the market, usually electronics you can read in the magazines about, as new appearances are a subject of his interest and fascination.

A subscription to such magazine may also be a good idea, or a book about some new era of science in an area or other, maybe even his area of expertise will give him a thrill.

Aquarius Women Christmas gifts ideas

An Aquarius-type woman will appreciate any gift that is unusual and futuristic, but even so, it should fit within her taste. 

A piece of out-of-the-ordinary clothing for example (it has to be unusual, but watch out for her dressing style), a decorative object (something that you can’t find at ordinary exhibitions or stores, even shocking maybe, but again, within her style) are things that can make her feel special.

General gifts for Aquarius Women and Aquarius Men

Any new experience that they didn’t have is welcome. Try to find a trip or an event that is something out of the ordinary, something like scuba diving or rafting. Any extreme sports would do it, but at least it should take him or her out of his/her boundaries. A surprise weekend out with all your friends will also be a pleasant experience for an aquarius-type personality.

Pisces as dominant energy

Pisces Men and Pisces

Women Christmas gifts ideas

Pisces personality is almost unisex, with slight differences (which I’m sure you’ll be able to notice by the preferences in gifts of your Pisces man or Pisces woman),  and such, they will all love magic, mystical aspects and have a the ideal. They are almost always daydreaming and living in another reality than most people live in.

Anything that would take them in such a place is perfect for a gift. For example, a painting, or poster which represents a certain magical aspect of the physical existence, or a fantasy, an imaginary paradise. Such an image will lead their imagination toward their inner magic.

A statue, or other object that is connected to their religion or beliefs, maybe their spiritual practice is welcome too, and if they are artists, accessories that help them express their feelings through their art are ideal too as a Christmas gift.

A magical experience as a Christmas gift for Pisces Men or Pisces Women

As an experience, the night of the Christmas eve is the best moment to take them into their magical places, maybe at a lakeside or a beach, these are perfect places to spend a romantic magical Christmas night together.

Be sure to have all the accessories that can ravish a Pisces type man or woman: candles, massage oil, incense stick, some very soft and romantic music, that you know he or she loves to listen to in special moments…

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