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What is Fashion and Why Do We Care?

For centuries individuals or societies have used clothes and other body adornment as a form of nonverbal communication to indicate occupation, rank, gender, sexual availability, locality, class, wealth and group affiliation. Fashion is a form of free speech. It not only embraces clothing, but also accessories. What we wear and how and when we wear it, provides others with a shorthand to subtly read the surface of a social situation.

How we perceive the beauty or ugliness of our bodies is dependant on cultural attitudes to physiognomy. In many cultures, those defining fashion are the cultural icons. This is why newspapers and magazines report on what celebrities and even politicians are wearing.

Examining who is wearing what through print media dates as far back as to even the 1700s. People pored over fashion magazines to see the latest styles. Women and dressmakers outside the French court relied on sketches to see what was going on. The famous French King Louis XIV said that fashion is a mirror. Louis himself was renowned for his style, which tended towards extravagant laces and velvets.

We are constantly being bombarded with new fashion ideas from music, videos, books, and television. Movies also have a big impact on what people wear.

Sociologists believe group affiliation is our prime concern with regard to fashion. As long as some group similarity is identified within the group, our personal fashion whether current or dated can belong to any tribe. It is the sense of belonging marked by how we fashion ourselves that gives us the tribal connection.

At the same time, we as human beings desire differentiation. People are often socially and economically labeled by their clothing or fashion. In history, the Edwardians were socially stratified into those who wore tailor made clothing down to those who wore other people’s cast offs. The poor simply looked poor, because their raiment betrayed them. The rich and nouveau riche displayed their wealth through an iconography of signs and symbols that enhanced their body image in the eyes of those that saw themselves as socially inferior.

Today, the purchase of fashionable clothes, fabrics, or accessories becomes a visual currency and can speak to one’s status. People are so aware of the fact that others make judgments about them through their clothes and accessories that many run up huge debts to appear to belong to a particular lifestyle. Only individuals with a strong sense of self-identity stick their necks out and admit to wearing items that others might consider dubious or passé.

In reality, there are many reasons we wear what we wear.

* Protection from cold, rain and snow: mountain climbers wear high-tech outerwear to avoid frostbite and over-exposure.

* Physical attraction: many styles are worn to inspire “chemistry.”

* Emotions: we dress “up” when we’re happy and “down” when we’re upset.

* Religious expression: Orthodox Jewish men wear long black suits and Islamic women cover every part of their body except their eyes.

* Identification and tradition: judges wear robes,

Start a Fashion Business by Becoming a Reseller / Drop Shipper

Business attire is one of three businesses that will never recede because it is the basic human needs are clothing (clothes), food (food), and the board (the property). The market opportunity of the clothing business is still very wide and the potential to be maximized. High competition in the apparel business and capital problems often become obstacles for someone with minimal capital to start a clothing business.

It has become a law of nature that something interesting and potentially a lot of people who were involved in it, like this clothing business. One way to win competition is to build brand or being creative on marketing area for example that has been written on In fact, brand building requires a long process and capital. It is certainly not suitable for beginners with minimal financial capital. Finally, many beginners with minimal capital which eventually went bankrupt and close down because they cannot compete or depletion of capital in the middle of the road. Seeing these problems, in this article I will give you tips start a clothing business with a small capital. Please be listened to carefully, because these tips are my personal experience, how do I start a clothing business even with limited capital.

Begin With Clothes Become a Reseller or Dropshipper

With capital constraints that we have, we need not impose on its own production or to buy a lot of stock garment. As a beginner, you need to do is learn to become proficient in the marketing of clothing. So the problem of production and business stock products in this stage you forget the old. Focus on your skills to market the product. Here are some important points that you should consider when you become a reseller/ drop shipper:

  1. Looking for Supplier. Choose Supplier reliable and pro-active cooperation. Getting suppliers this kind of Sometimes there are good supplier but difficult in going to work with. sometimes there is good in going to work with but the goods is expensive because it is not a major supplier, and so forth. Well in this case you do not have to rush to decide, the important roads used by some suppliers. later in the trip where you will find the best supplier by the supplier you and make your business partners into the future.
  2. Establish a special relationship with preferred suppliers. After finding the best supplier, you build relationships both with suppliers, friendship directly into place. Communicate your wishes, highlighting the cooperation system you want to intertwine so that suppliers understand and get a system that is a win – win solution. It is important you do in the beginning, so that your suppliers understand the seriousness of your attention and cooperation.
  3. Start selling with science. Supply problems your product is fine, now your focus is to sell products as much – much. With limited capital, the best way to sell is online and the dropship system. With dropship system, there are two benefits at once that you get.

Women’s Watches: Preowned Rolex for Her

Throughout history jewelry has always been an integral part of a woman’s ensemble. Accessories. Gold and diamond watches are not just conventional jewelry but rather the epitome of what enhances the beauty of a woman. Rolex, arguably the most luxurious global watch brand has always fascinated everyone with its line of women’s watches that are truly an example of class and elegance.

Rolex has always created extremely beautiful women’s watches to compliment its line of men’s watches. Each watch crafted in 18k yellow or white gold is also embedded with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.. Some of the most popular models of Rolex wrist watches for women are the following:

Ladies MOP Diamond Dial Rolex Super President: It has been a popular choice among women for its Italian made 18k yellow gold President bracelet which is embedded with 232 diamonds. The distinctive bracelet compliments the unique time piece while giving a bold and unique appearance. The MOP Super President offers a custom mother of pearl diamond dial with 10 round cut diamonds that are set in 18k yellow gold. You can also opt for other popular dial colors such as champagne and silver.

Ladies Black Diamond Dial Rolex President: This model simply looks great because of its black diamond dial and 10 round cut diamonds set in 18k yellow gold. It makes a style statement for all those women who are really style conscious. One of the most alluring attractions of this watch is its custom beadset diamond bezel with 30 round cut diamonds which are set in 18k yellow gold.

Ladies Two Tone Oyster Silver Diamond Dial Beadset Bezel Rolex Datejust: Women simply love its Italian-made 18k yellow gold and stainless steel Oyster bracelet that gives a modern and sporty look. It is perfect for those women who have an active lifestyle. It features a custom mother of pearl diamond dial with 10 round cut diamonds set in 18k white gold, a beadset diamond bezel with 30 round cut diamonds set in 18k white gold and a scratch-resistant sapphire conversion crystal.

Owing to its heritage, supreme expertise and craftsmanship, a Rolex wrist watch commands a high market value. However, pre-owned Rolex watches offer the same allure as a new watch but with only a fraction of the price. The best thing about these pre-owned watches is that they are available at highly affordable prices, allowing everyone to be a proud owner of a Rolex.

Melrose Jewelers offers authentic pre owned Rolex watches both for men and women at wholesale prices. They have an extremely trusted chain of suppliers from whom they buy the finest vintage and modern Rolex watches. They offer these watches for sale in a superb condition. To ensure complete customer satisfaction each watch is inspected, adjusted, refurbished, lubricated, and tested they are shipped. Each watch is also fitted with brand new parabolic, scratch-resistant sapphire crystals as in most cases; the original acrylic crystals get scratched. An independent full appraisal is conducted by the

The Three Most Visited Cities in America

America is undoubtedly one of the prime countries in the world. It has fifty five states that tourists can visit. But the top three most visited cities have rightly earned their ranks.

The whole of America is widely occupied with many tourists all throughout the year. Yet there are notable three cities garnering the highest rates of visitors. And these cities have all the good reasons to be in the top three positions. They are Las Vegas in Nevada, Los Angeles in California, and Orlando in Florida.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Have a taste of the city’s legendary neon nights, fantastic color of sunsets and sunrises in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the beautiful Alan Bible Botanical Garden, the historical Hoover Dam and the natural beauty of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Of course, the most famous is the Strip in Las Vegas.

You can reserve a room in one of the cheapest hotels here called Palace Station Hotel and Casino. This way, you can save some extra penny for your casino deals. The rooms are sprawled in their 21-storey tower. Each air conditioned room is equipped with cable or satellite TV, a hair dryer, desk, iron with board, pay movies, climate control, Internet and blackout drapes They also have a refrigerator (upon request) and an alarm clock.

The hotel also offers pools, tubs, a sundeck, fitness room, bars, and casinos. There are recreational areas available for rental near the hotel as well. Outdoor activities include golf, tennis, horse riding, biking, hiking, and helicopter sightseeing.

Los Angeles, California

Feel like a star and visit the movie capital of the world, Los Angeles, California. The city offers not only the famous “Hollywood” escapade but also a number of fun and recreational places. These include scenic drives, skate parks, dog parks and salons as well as urban adventures and extreme sports areas. They also have beaches, “picture perfect” views, great hiking trails and they offer outdoor sports activities like ocean kayaking, golfing, sailing, horseback riding and many more.

The city offers a number of arts and culture venues as well as a lot of museums showcasing Science, Maritime, History, Hollywood stars and even fossil excavations. Aside from this, Los Angeles is also known for its night life activities ranging from parties, comedy shows, music, and dinner cruises.

Stay overnight in one of the cheapest hotels in the city, the Clarion Hotel. Although a night stay in this hotel is quite low, starting from $66, the hotel has a 3 star rating. This means that you still get a good deal, comfort and cost combined.

This hotel is located in West Olympic Blvd. It features an outdoor pool, sundeck, business center, pool, handicap facilities and a banquet hall. Each guest room has an air conditioning unit, a refrigerator, coffee maker and hair dryer along with iron with boards, spacious work places and a personal electronic safe (additional fees apply) .

The hotel is located near downtown L.A. It is very near the city’s

How To Make Your Own Avocado Face Mask For Clearer Skin

On Cleansing and Face Masks

We all know beautiful skin starts with a clean face, and a clean face starts with clean pores. Our face has the most delicate skin, which is the first line of defense against infection and harsh elements, be it from nature itself or from chemicals in cosmetics. Now, why should you use a face mask? Regular cleansing can remove surface dirt and grime, but only a facial mask will actually draw out impurities from beneath the top layers of the epidermis. By using a facial mask, you exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores so your other beauty products can work more effectively. Masks also help stimulate blood circulation and leave your skin feeling smoother and softer!

An avocado face mask can do wonders when it comes to deep cleaning your pores, preventing break-outs and brightening your skin tone. The best thing about this refreshing avocado face mask is that it is all natural, so unlike chemical-rich facial treatments, you don’t need to worry about break-outs or irritation following application or treatment.

The beauty of Avocado & Cucumber:

This amazing fruit is rich in Vitamins A, D, B, and E and contains more potassium than a banana! The potassium allows deep pore penetration as well as a smoothing, evening effect for the skin’s surface and texture, while the vitamins nourish the skin to protect against environmental damage and breakouts. Using avocado as a face mask provides a tightening effect, targeting wrinkles and smile lines, and leaving you with a more youthful complexion!

This recipe also includes cucumber which has a wonderful cooling effect on the skin. The cucumber makes this mask a special treat for the hot days of summer, or a wonderful refuge after a long day of sun exposure which can leave your skin dry or burnt.

Avocado Mask


1 egg white
2 tsp. powdered milk
Cup chopped avocado
Cup chopped cucumber


  1. 1. Combine all the ingredients together in a blender until you create a thick paste. If after blending it is too runny, try adding slightly more powdered milk and blending again until it achieves the desired consistency.
  2. 2. While you can apply the mask immediately, you can also try refrigerating the mixture for 20 minutes first. This will add to the cooling, refreshing effect of the cucumber treatment.
  3. 3. After chilling, apply the mixture (only about 2 to 3 tbsp) to your face and neck with smooth circular motions, avoiding the delicate around-the-eye area.
  4. 4. Allow to sit for 30 minutes or until your feel the mixture begin to harden.
  5. 5. Remove by rinsing with cool water then pat dry.
  6. 6. Follow with toner and moisturizer as usual.

Use this treatment once a week for maximum results!

What To Do Before You Move to LA

I love L.A.! I love what the city represents – both in terms of challenges and opportunities, and what it has to offer. The sun always seems to shine brighter in L.A. (or maybe my enthusiasm for it makes it appear that way). The days are longer and the nights are adventurous. There’s electricity in the air. Anxiety, ambitions and aspirations cover the city like a thin layer of smog. It’s palpable: you can reach out and touch it.

As intoxicating as it may sound, L.A. is not for everyone.

If you are contemplating a move to L.A. to pursue career opportunities, goals, or dreams, this article will provide you with helpful planning insights that can make your move easier and more successful.

1. SET REALISTIC GOALS BEFORE YOU MOVE: What are you hoping to accomplish by moving to L.A.? Have you accurately assessed whether your hometown can provide you with similar resources that can facilitate your success? What benefits and advantages will you gain by relocating to L.A.? How will this geographical change improve the likelihood of you reaching your goals?

Be aware of the fact that Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second largest in the United States. There are (as of this 2009 writing) 4,065,585 people living in the city of Los Angeles and 10,393,185 in Los Angeles County. That’s a lot of people. Inevitably, any field (especially the entertainment industry) that you are attempting to succeed in will have increased competition. Be prepared for tougher and possibly longer job searches.

When it comes to setting realistic goals for your move to L.A. the bottom line is this: The need to be in L.A. (dictated by inherent benefits such as proximity to resources, industry players, greater opportunities, or lifestyle choice) should outweigh the desire. Being in L.A. as a fashion statement can be costly. Carefully analyze your motivations and prospects before changing your zip codes.

2. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!: Get to know as much as you can about the neighborhoods and districts that you are considering moving to. This includes their surrounding areas. Pay particular attention to your access to freeways, and proximity to arenas and other venues which may cause getting to, and parking near your new home more difficult. Jokes about the air quality in L.A. are not without merit. Neither is the high preponderance of gangs and gang related activities. Researching the areas that you may live, work, and play in can significantly reduce your chances of being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The following is a very brief overview of L.A. neighborhoods that you may want to consider in relocating:

Santa Monica – Santa Monica is Los Angeles’ premier beach community. It’s known for its festive ocean pier, stylish oceanfront hotels, and artsy atmosphere. Its attraction is the Third Street Promenade, a pedestrian-only outdoor mall lined with dozens of shops and restaurants.

Malibu – 27 miles of wide beaches, beachfront cliffs, sparsely populated hills, and

Hot Coupon World

Online grocery community has created and made available to the public a website that enables visitors to sort through a vast number of coupons from a variety of sources and locations. It is a comprehensive look into the world of coupons, complete with articles on saving money, shopping guides, the latest in coupon news and more. These resources can be used to save money, track prices, print coupons and connect with other frugally-minded individuals, sharing bargain secrets and tips. The resources are also available free of charge. The Coupon Database has been created 100% by members and contains over 60,000 coupon entries. It was started in 2004 by the website’s owners with the goal of providing the biggest and best coupon database online. The database has seen success and continued growth, as there are approximately 300 new coupon entries added each day. There are various search fields which allow people to browse through coupons that are relevant to their own interests and needs. It is possible to search via description of the coupon, value, the source (paper booklets, entertainment books, store ad flyers, etc.), store, category (automotive, beverages, clothing, etc.), and expired coupons. Many people find themselves unaware of how very many sources there are for locating money-saving coupons. Some believe the only coupons to be had are the ones found in the local newspaper inserts but there are many other sources. Coupons can be found in Blinkies (the red coupon machine found in grocery stores with the blinking light), CellFire (coupons downloaded to your cellphone), entertainment books, home mailers, magazines, mail-in rebates, receipts with coupons printed on them, special promos and many more. However, searching through this great number of sources can be time-consuming and frustrating. Hotcouponworld aims to make the task easier by bringing all of the sources together under one umbrella database. Relatively new to the website is the category search field for the coupon database. Some consumers are looking for coupons for specific items, or a type of item. That is when this field becomes a life-saver. People can search under such categories as: air fresheners, alcohol, baby and children items, books and magazines, candy, clothing, dining, health and beauty, office supplies, pet care, holiday items and more. As members post more entries, the categories expand and grow, providing a seemingly endless selection of useful coupons. Aside from the general database, there is also a Contact Companies Database, which provides information on companies that will give out coupons upon contact by consumers. This is also 100% member-generated. Additionally visitors can locate newspaper inserts through the website, determining which local newspapers carry inserts. Printable coupons are on the rise as the economy, both in America and worldwide, continue to struggle. Printable coupons are available on and from a variety of its partners, such as, and Red Plum. Access is also provided for Target Coupon Generator and Meijer Coupon Generator. incorporates a social society into the mix. HotCouponWorld Trading Forums allows members to

beautyBut at any rate, if the writers and/or cartoonists are placing in subliminal messages, then these men and women should be fired rather of blaming it on Disney as a entire. But she is strangely docile, even polite to her captor and an uneasy and unlikely friendship as well speedily forms amongst them as Beauty attempts to make the greatest of her scenario, even developing content to some extent. Beauty likes to read, but unlike Disney’s Belle (Gorgeous in French), Beauty reads literature, not the romance novels of her day. Either than a little temper tantrum that is talked about – not even witnessed – Beauty is provided no purpose to dislike the Beast. In addition, although Beauty is forced to defend her Beast against her family’s opinions, they all come collectively in the last handful of pages for a standard happily-ever-following with out the surprise or wonder of seeing Beauty’s Beast transformed into a man. As time passes, Beauty realizes she can hear some of the invisible servants hovering around her.

But the writing is lovely, the characters charming, and McKinley utilized a very fairy tale-ish style of writing that fits the story properly Final update: I’ve just read Beauty once again for the 1st time in 15 years or a lot more, but I almost certainly study this 5 or six instances when I was in my 20s, so you are not getting an unbiased opinion here. With out that family members-oriented background, it is illogical that she would have discovered how to be type, how to be giving, how to care for the beast sufficient to bring him back to his true form. An completely lovely rendition of my favored fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast.

I figured these conditions should have anything to do with the enchantment that produced Beast a beast, but … I was left hanging right here. A Beauty and Beast enjoy story for teenagers: This is about a wealthy, arrogant, common, and self-centered student who shows no respect for his classmates. Significantly of these initial fifty pages is devoted to describing how clever Beauty is, which set my expectations that her cleverness may possibly somehow aid her eventual fate to tame the Beast. Most notably, to me at least, is the utter humanity that seeps through the Beast. The Beast was sweet and charming and my heart broke for him as he attempted to get close to a reluctant beauty. So traditional, in reality, that I initial was a small irritated with it and believed it was a rip-off of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – till I realized that Robin McKinley’s version of the story came decadesbefore the movie.

five Modern day Motion pictures Inspired By Beauty And The Beast

beautyIn this Hub I chose motion pictures that will support your dating life, assist your present connection, what true romance is and what it requires to have a successful partnership. Freya stays on the island with Beast so he will totally free her very best friend Ingrid and her father. And as usual, the point I disliked most was that Beauty had to be produced to match her name, in some magical transformation that produced small sense – the goodness of her is in her inner beauty, and why on earth she wants to have dancing amber eyes, I could not say. If you want a lot more, right here are some other movies with a Beauty and Beast-like adore story you may well enjoy. Cleverness is once again exhibited Beauty does not acknowledge her capability to hear them.

I figured these situations should have something to do with the enchantment that made Beast a beast, but … I was left hanging right here. A Beauty and Beast adore story for teenagers: This is about a wealthy, arrogant, common, and self-centered student who shows no respect for his classmates. Significantly of these very first fifty pages is devoted to describing how clever Beauty is, which set my expectations that her cleverness may possibly somehow help her eventual fate to tame the Beast. Most notably, to me at least, is the utter humanity that seeps by means of the Beast. The Beast was sweet and charming and my heart broke for him as he attempted to get close to a reluctant beauty. So standard, in fact, that I 1st was a little irritated with it and thought it was a rip-off of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – until I realized that Robin McKinley’s version of the story came decadesbefore the movie.

But the writing is lovely, the characters charming, and McKinley utilised a extremely fairy tale-ish style of writing that fits the story nicely Final update: I’ve just study Beauty again for the initial time in 15 years or much more, but I possibly read this 5 or 6 times when I was in my 20s, so you are not obtaining an unbiased opinion right here. With no that family members-oriented background, it is illogical that she would have learned how to be kind, how to be providing, how to care for the beast adequate to bring him back to his correct form. An absolutely lovely rendition of my favourite fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast.

Parisian style

Parisian, disappointments have caused the three syllables, if the French uvular trill with pure issued, throat get out of it is vague and ambiguous. As Parisian style woven in our minds the impression that it is the petty bourgeoisie, and Bohemia, and classical, Pioneer’s … … all kinds of conflicting words can be used to describe it but it must not capture an accurate image. Intoxicated people centuries of Parisian style What is it?

Parisian style is to first talk about the essence of arrogance and the pursuit of stylized, write down the first person to rule this course ought to French fashion founder of Louis XIV the Great. The east of the main entrance of the Louvre year construction project, he will reach the height of fame, and his master Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Baroque style, with numerous curves exclude the end, the Louvre east main entrance of the Palace of Versailles and the subsequent stress levels in a straight line Under the guidance of a pearl of architectural history, the history of European art has also been split into two parallel lines, one is the plural, the development of the Baroque style, the country united, and the other one is this rigorous neo-classical, is the only rebel child from France to create.

A mobile feast in Paris

French Parisian style fashion to the streets filled with such a fashion heyday of course ought to lead the world in arts and cultural center in Paris in the last century on behalf of two to three decades. In this fascinating flow of Hemingway’s feast where, Parisian style so that each stop-off in this city who will never forget.

It was a golden age of the post-war Paris had just freed themselves from the fear of war, steeped in the arts among the hedonistic mood. It is open the door to host of talented artists from around the world and the rest is nobility in exile, he served a variety of trendy fashion are addicted to sway do not dramas. People’s social and gathering places in the most popular restaurants and trendy cafes. Leeds hotel lobby towards the Rue Huyghens always been voices in all aspects of various avant-garde art are on display here. When Hemingway obsessed with writing the novel, Joyce perhaps in the opposite side table and the NPC to talk about literature, and Kidd in the window seat quietly sipping a glass of wine.

Meiyu Jian said the stubborn to wear their own designs of Coco Chanel line of clothing, contact all kinds of artist friends, operating throughout the city’s most fashionable clothing store development. She is an elegant woman’s standard model in Paris, but also pay attention to comfort in this simple style of the founder. Morris. Sachs in Paris in his diary described the Chanel: “Her genius lies in simple things that were originally transformed into a noble and elegant things. Can be said that she invented an expensive bargain, this is a rich constraints, a kind