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Ladies, Sell Costume Jewelry For Fun And Cash Profits!

Okay, Girls, whether you are a stay at home mom, a college student, or a lady with a job who needs extra income, here is a fabulous idea. If you need to earn some extra cash income, but you don’t want to get involved in selling cosmetics or food storage containers for a company that has a million women already doing that, but you like the idea of selling something, then this may be right up your alley!

Do you love jewelry? Do you agree that most gals of all ages love jewelry? Would it be fun to show some really nice jewelry to neighbors, friends, and co-workers, and then have them hand you cash money on the spot?

Well, here is an awesome idea, and you really cannot lose with this deal that I am about to propose. You are about to have loads of fun, while making loads of money, and you will be increasing your own personal supply of quality costume jewelry!

My name is Father Time and I have this Fabulous Online SuperStore where I sell many things both retail and wholesale. There are all sorts of gift items and other unique things, including jewelry; both ordinary costume jewelry, and also many magical, mystical Good Luck Charm types of necklaces, bracelets, crystals, pendants, and so forth.

Without you becoming a “company,” without obtaining any sort of license or permit, without getting any type of tax ID numbers or opening up accounts with wholesalers or special bank accounts…YOU can begin earning cash money by selling some awesome jewelry! I have compiled an initial selection of a dozen great pieces of jewelry that retail on my website for approximately twenty dollars each. Your wholesale cost is much less, and the deal is even a bit better than that! Click Here To See The Full Details!

You can actually order a dozen assorted pieces, plus the free bonus, and then start selling them to gals that you know who will buy these items on impulse for cash! This is a way for you to “test the waters” as they say, and then when you see how easy it is to sell these jewelry items, you can communicate with my office and let us know what type of jewelry pieces you would like beyond the first dozen. You can pick and choose the exact items that you want, whenever you want, and there’s no minimum or maximum order, and there’s no obligation!

There’s no risk either, because if you receive the first dozen pieces and for some reason you are not completely satisfied, then I do not want you to keep them. You will be expected to return them immediately and get your money back. This never happens but I offer it anyway! What will actually happen is that you will start selling this great stuff and you will start making money. Even if you sold most of the items, and then decided this was not your “cup

Symbolic Anniversary Gifts

Throughout times, certain anniversary gifts have been given according to the number of years that a couple has been with each other. Though this idea has been around since the Middle Ages, it was largely pushed by jewelry companies. Nevertheless, such themed gifts can be fun.

In a relationship among people who are too young to be married, it is sometimes common to see the exchange of a promise ring-a statement that the two lovebirds will stay loyal to each other and “go steady.”

When engaged, a couple wears engagement rings. However, the in the initial purchase of an engagement ring can be risky, for success is difficult to predict. Many people choose to buy wholesale diamonds, or reduce risk using money back guarantee diamonds. There are many jewelers who sell these, as well as wedding bands for the couple to wear after the marriage.

For the first anniversary, it is traditional to give paper. Modern times also suggest clocks. The paper can be given in many forms, such as a piece of art, a fine notebook, a photo album, a finely framed photo, origami, stationary, tickets, and books. The clock can be anything from a pretty watch to a decorative wall clock. The symbolic flower for the first year of marriage is a carnation.

The traditional gift for the fifth year of marriage is wood. The modern gift is silverware. Wood can also come in many forms, such as finger rings, jewelry, furniture, dolls, frames, and art. Silverware is a little more difficult to be creative with, though some very nice sets can be found in many stores. Daisies are the traditional flowers for this anniversary.

Diamond jewelry isn’t given until the tenth anniversary. Those who want high quality diamonds are known to look for GIA diamond rings. However, if diamond is too expensive, the traditional gift is tin or aluminum, which can be given in the form of watches, tins, cups, jewelry boxes, decorations, and trinkets. The traditional tenth-anniversary flower is the daffodil.

For the twentieth anniversary, the traditional gift is china, and the modern gift is platinum. China can be traditional plates and bowls, but figurines are also popular and traditional. Platinum is a notoriously valuable material and is often adorned with gemstones. Certified diamonds are popular amongst particular spouses, especially EGL loose diamonds as well as high quality GIA certified diamonds. Aster is the twentieth anniversary flower.

Silver and sterling silver are the traditional gifts for the twenty-fifth anniversary. It is most popular to give silver jewelry, though silver is used to make a number of other things, including silverware, bowls, vases, art, and figurines. The traditional flower is the iris.

Pearls and diamonds are the symbolic gifts for couples celebrating their thirtieth anniversary. This can be accomplished quite easily with jewelry. The jewelry can incorporate pearls or diamonds or even both, though that might seem a little gaudy. Pearls are ideal if your spouse disapproves of the diamond industry. Purchasing a non conflict diamond is

Women’s Watches: Preowned Rolex for Her

Throughout history jewelry has always been an integral part of a woman’s ensemble. Accessories. Gold and diamond watches are not just conventional jewelry but rather the epitome of what enhances the beauty of a woman. Rolex, arguably the most luxurious global watch brand has always fascinated everyone with its line of women’s watches that are truly an example of class and elegance.

Rolex has always created extremely beautiful women’s watches to compliment its line of men’s watches. Each watch crafted in 18k yellow or white gold is also embedded with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.. Some of the most popular models of Rolex wrist watches for women are the following:

Ladies MOP Diamond Dial Rolex Super President: It has been a popular choice among women for its Italian made 18k yellow gold President bracelet which is embedded with 232 diamonds. The distinctive bracelet compliments the unique time piece while giving a bold and unique appearance. The MOP Super President offers a custom mother of pearl diamond dial with 10 round cut diamonds that are set in 18k yellow gold. You can also opt for other popular dial colors such as champagne and silver.

Ladies Black Diamond Dial Rolex President: This model simply looks great because of its black diamond dial and 10 round cut diamonds set in 18k yellow gold. It makes a style statement for all those women who are really style conscious. One of the most alluring attractions of this watch is its custom beadset diamond bezel with 30 round cut diamonds which are set in 18k yellow gold.

Ladies Two Tone Oyster Silver Diamond Dial Beadset Bezel Rolex Datejust: Women simply love its Italian-made 18k yellow gold and stainless steel Oyster bracelet that gives a modern and sporty look. It is perfect for those women who have an active lifestyle. It features a custom mother of pearl diamond dial with 10 round cut diamonds set in 18k white gold, a beadset diamond bezel with 30 round cut diamonds set in 18k white gold and a scratch-resistant sapphire conversion crystal.

Owing to its heritage, supreme expertise and craftsmanship, a Rolex wrist watch commands a high market value. However, pre-owned Rolex watches offer the same allure as a new watch but with only a fraction of the price. The best thing about these pre-owned watches is that they are available at highly affordable prices, allowing everyone to be a proud owner of a Rolex.

Melrose Jewelers offers authentic pre owned Rolex watches both for men and women at wholesale prices. They have an extremely trusted chain of suppliers from whom they buy the finest vintage and modern Rolex watches. They offer these watches for sale in a superb condition. To ensure complete customer satisfaction each watch is inspected, adjusted, refurbished, lubricated, and tested they are shipped. Each watch is also fitted with brand new parabolic, scratch-resistant sapphire crystals as in most cases; the original acrylic crystals get scratched. An independent full appraisal is conducted by the

Ralph Lauren – Perfumes and Colognes

Ralph Lauren has long been recognized as one of the most prestigious labels in the world of fashionable apparel. The label was created by Ralph Lauren himself, an American designer who creates a line of clothing and accessories with close attention to detail. He was named as the master marketer for those who are looking for an elegant way of living, but aside from being highly dedicated to designing apparels; Ralph Lauren also manufactures a line of bedding, furniture, potpourri, silverwares, and other things that a typical housewife may consider as important.

Ralph Lauren was born in 1939. He grew up in a working class family, then depriving him the right to study design education formally. So all of his interest and knowledge with designing was only enhanced when he started to engage in fashion retailing. He worked for the department stores in New York while in his young age.

He studied business in a night school, while trying to sell versions of the Brooks Brothers. The experience he gained from his schooling is what particularly brought Ralph Lauren to his formidable position of today in the fashion industry.

Ralph Lauren’s entry to fashion design happened during the release of his Beau Brummel neckwear in 1967. During that period, people loved to wear narrow dark ties, but although established as a norm, Lauren introduced a new addition of colorful neckwear. Opulent, colorful, and trendy ties were then produced for every interested businessman to choose from.

1967 was the release year of Lauren’s trademark, the menswear collection named Polo. The designs and styles that this line of product boasts are refined, yet featuring the virtues of traditional American and English classics.

In 1971, Ralph Lauren introduced a new line of fashion wear, the women’s collection, which was developed in four categories. Included in the list are the classics, collection, active, and country designs. Three years after the introduction of the women’s line was the launching of the company’s boys wear and fragrances. The other products offered by the House of Ralph Lauren include hosiery, leather goods, jewelry, luggage, sleepwear, and of course Lauren’s fragrances.

Ralph Lauren opened his very own boutique in Beverly Hills, California where he released a number of the company’s prime secrets. More than a thousand department stores were also opened, each offering a wide selection of Ralph Lauren’s fashion products and accessories.

The company further expanded with the coming of new megastores built around New York to carry a line of Ralph Lauren’s luxury goods. Now, with many people getting interested in the designs created by Lauren, it is no surprise to find the company itself now considered as one of the best selling marketers in today’s modern fashion industry.

Ralph Lauren is currently offering a wide variety of licensed products for the elites. Whether you decide to take one from their collection, be it the menswear or the fragrances, the company itself ensures a real guarantee to people’s call. Expect Ralph Lauren then to answer your

Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

If you have a birthday coming up for your father, brother, son, uncle, boyfriend or some other male figure in your life, you will have plenty of gift options to choose from. There are a myriad of great birthday gift ideas for the men in your life. Of course, each different figure may warrant a different sort of gift. For male family members, you may want to give a gift that is more personalized. For other important male figures you may have a different sort of gift option in mind. When choosing the right birthday gift for a male figure in your life, it is wise to plan out what you are going to get before you go shopping. Think about who you are buying the gift for and what interests them the most. Of course, if you are planning to handcraft an item for their birthday, you may need to plan out what sort of materials you will need to do so.

Buying birthday presents for males of any age group can be fun. An easy way to choose the perfect gift for any male is to take into account what his likes and dislikes are. If you are buying for a young boy, there are many options. If the boy likes a particular sport, sports gifts are always a great idea for the sports enthusiast of any age. There is a myriad of different sporting items and memorabilia for you to choose from. Anything from sporting equipment to sports collectibles are a perfect gift idea for a sports fan. Many men enjoy fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. If you are buying a gift for one of these many men, you have a lot of options here as well. There are various types of fishing and hunting gear for the hunting enthusiasts. Outdoor activity gifts may include items such as paintball guns and gear, sports equipment, bicycles and many others. As fore mentioned, there are many various gifts for the many various interests.

As fore mentioned, you can even handcraft a gift that will hold sentimental value and that they will cherish forever. You can also have jewelry personalized for any male to commemorate their birthday. Gifts cards are also a great idea, as there are hundreds of establishments that offer gift cards. As you can see, there are plenty of gift options for any male’s birthday. No matter what the age group, there will be a fitting present.

Outstanding San Francisco Giants merchandise for ultimate die-hard fans

San Francisco Giants are one of the oldest and the strongest teams of Major League Baseball. Established in the New York City in 1883, the team relocated to San Francisco in 1958. In its long sporting history San Francisco Giants have won five World Series title but ever since the team moved to San Francisco it has not won any World Series title. However, the team continues to win pennants and division titles and its loyal fans are quite confident that a World Series title is on the cards. San Francisco Giants hold the outstanding record of having won the most games in the history of baseball. The legendary baseball team also has most number of players in the Baseball Hall of Fame. It boasts of records that are hard to beat for any other team!

Giants represent the National League West Division and play their home games at the AT&T Park in San Francisco. A very well known fact of San Francisco Giants is their traditional rivalry with Los Angeles Dodgers. It is said to be the longest running contention in the baseball history. It started way back when these two National League clubs played in New York City. Once they moved over to California in 1958, their rift only intensified since the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco are historically hostile towards each other and keep competing in the economic, cultural and political arenas.

San Francisco Giants merchandise
The much-loved San Francisco Giants are known by several nicknames such as the Jints, Los Gigantes, the G-Men and the Orange and Black. Owing to the team’s long sporting history and the laurels it has won, the team has millions of fans spread across the United States. Famous online sports merchandise outlets receive plethora of orders each year before the game season. Baseball fans love sports merchandise for various reasons – to show support for the team, to encourage San Francisco Giants players and of course to exude style and sophistication! Here we have discussed some of the most sought after San Francisco Giants merchandise.

San Francisco Giants tailgating and outdoors
Since the tailgating parties have become a huge affair in the United States, there is perpetual high demand for San Francisco Giants tailgating and outdoor merchandise. The rivalry between the Giants and the LA Dodgers further boosts the sales as the fans compete to show support for their beloved team. If you are going to host or go to a stylish San Francisco Giants tailgating party, you would want to consider visiting online sports stores. These stores feature a host of San Francisco Giants tailgating and outdoor merchandise such as garden accessories, barbeque accessories, eating and drinking, coolers and items needed when going to the game.

San Francisco Giants headwear
For any passionate fan, San Francisco Giants caps and beanies are must have accessories. At reputed online MLB sports merchandise outlet, you will find some really hot designer San Francisco Giants headwear like caps and knitted beanies, ideal

Upgrading A Classic: Couture Bridal Fashion in 2009-2010

Let’s face it; the 21st century is here and although we all love classic wedding dress styles (they make our hearts melt and remind us of the 50 year stretch of marriage our grandparents made it through) sometimes it’s time for a change. The gowns at bridal couture boutiques located all over the country offer the traditional wedding gown your grandmother wore, but with an added extravagance and uniqueness.

Recent trends seen in wedding dress fashions in 2009 and 2010 include:

  • Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles
  • Sweetheart necks
  • Mermaid skirts
  • Floral prints
  • Long bridal veils
  • Longer trains

Brides who are a bit risqué can be seen wearing bridal gowns that are any color but white. These styles and trends have been incorporated into classic designs allowing dresses to stay ever so elegant yet sexy.

Celeb Couture

Celebrity brides this summer showed off many of these dress trends; the most popular being the sweetheart neckline. Newlyweds Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham tied the knot in Beverly Hills on August 1, according to

Durham shows off her slim figure in a long, flowy white dress embellished with silver gems.

Reality television stars Kendra Wilkinson and Hedi Montag both wore off the shoulder dresses with full skirts. Montag’s dress included ruffles  while the train on Wilkinson’s couture gown trailed on for several feet.

The Duchess herself, Fergie, from the band The Black Eyed Peas, wore a strapless, satin wedding dress with a mermaid bottom for her winter wedding.

Couture Bridal Gown Designs

The classic styles worn by celebrities yesterday and today, such as the off the shoulder look or the satin, cupcake skirt, are still popular because of how they have evolved over the years. Designers have altered these simple styles into something more lavish and breathtakingly beautiful. Eve of Milady (whose work can be found at Bridal Reflections in New York City) embellishes gowns with embroidery, beading and floral prints. These details are added to layers upon layers of fabric making up the full skirts that give the bride that glamorous bell shape.

Couture wedding gown designer Marina K also has a collection of her work available at Bridal Reflections. All of her dresses follow this year’s trends. She incorporates the ruffles, sweetheart necklines and the long skirts. However, there is one element to her gowns that make a bride truly stand out; Marina K’s dresses are not your typical white.

In fact, some of her gowns are red (fire engine red), lavender and the more subtle ivory. Although Marina K may stray from the norm when it comes to wedding gown colors (not all of her dresses are loud shades, many are the traditional white) the style of her dresses are chic and stunning.

Nicolette Couture Bridal Boutique in Morgan Hill, California offers custom designer bridal gowns. The boutique showcases bridal couture by designer Lee-Ann Belter whose styles are less extreme.

Each dress in Belter’s 2009 collection has its own feminine name. For example, “Kate” and “Madison” are both strapless

Miley Cyrus Glams Up With Whiteflash’s Fashion Jewelry

Miley Cyrus wearing

Rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s elite is nothing new for the internet’s premier online jewelry retailer Over the summer at the zany and fun Teen Choice 2008, Whiteflash flexed their power and shouted their message of youth “AWEARness” as one of the featured sponsors in the highly exclusive Mattel “Celebrity Retreat” during the Awards at the Gibson Amphitheatre – Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA.

The Retreat was produced by Backstage Creations, specialists in award show gifts and custom backstage Celebrity Retreats. Teen Choice 2008, which aired on August 4th at 8PM/7PM CST on FOX, was a huge hit with the young Hollywood elite.

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus hosted the tenth annual edition of TEEN CHOICE, celebrating the hottest teen icons in film, television, music, sports and fashion. The featured performances by multi-platinum recording artist Mariah Carey, with appearances by Zac Efron, Chris Brown, Selena Gomez, Steve Carell, Chace Crawford, Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell, Scarlett Johansson, Jesse McCartney, Brittany Snow, Drake Bell, Mischa Barton, Sophia Bush, Ryan Sheckler, Chad Michael Murray, Pink, Jaime Pressly, Minka Kelly, JoJo, Danica Patrick, and more!

Miley sported Whiteflash’s custom line while introducing singer Pink’s performance.  The bold 18K white gold 9-row diamond bracelet with 9.23ct of diamonds rang in at an impressive $14,675.  The piece inlcuded Whiteflash’s top of the line diamonds, Whiteflash ACA and accentuated what was a big night for Cyrus because she was nominated for her first VMA.

Diamond Link Bracelet from

The fun escalated once the stars hit the coveted Mattel “Celebrity Retreat,”  full of luxurious giveaways and goodies. sparkled under the tent as they showcased their new AWEAR: Jewelry for Conscious Kids collection. The Collection was developed to inspire youth on a global front by supporting efforts to provide educational opportunities and build stability for those children who have been victimized by the illicit trade of conflict-diamonds throughout the world. Amazingly, which grab the attention of celebs and VIP’s, 25% of all profits from the new Collection goes to support the healthcare and educational development of child victims of conflict diamonds in effected countries (WCCCI.Org).

The young ladies of Hollywood flocked in droves to get their hands on a little something to prove that they too were conscious and AWEAR. Celebrities walking away with goodies from the new line included: popular singers like Jordin Sparks, Natasha Bedingfield, The Cheetah Girls, The Clique Girls, Danity Kane and rapper Lil Mama. Other lucky ladies that can now consider themselves AWEAR are actresses Sophia Bush, Megan Park, Brenda Song, Kaycee Stroh, Oleysa Rulin, Francia Raisa, Niecy Nash and India Eisley.

Rapper and mogul LL Cool J demonstrated that even the fellas think it’s cool to be “AWEAR” as he shopped for gifts for his daughter at the booth and commented that the new line was “tight.” Other guys joining in the shopping for the ladies in their lives included: producer extraordinaire and American Idol judge Randy Jackson; R&B sensation Chris Brown; fashion icon Steven Cojocaru and Hannah Montana star Mitchel Musso.

Sold exclusively at,

Gifts for Her – Make your Woman Feel Special

Presenting a women with a gift that she will appreciate depends a lot on the relationship a man enjoys with the woman. A man may have various relationships with a woman like a friend, boss, mother, colleague, sister or neighbour. Different relationships required different types of gifts. While a gift may be appropriate for one’s sister, it would be equally inappropriate for his girl friend. Moreover, one also needs to be conscious about the personality and profession of the woman he wants to present a gift. One would need to select a different gift for a book lover and an outgoing woman, or a fashion conscious woman and an athlete.

Offering an athletic woman with a bungee jumping session ticket on her birthday will make her delighted. While a teen-aged girl may be overjoyed on getting a soft toy packaged in a special case, a woman in her thirties would prefer a gift basket with a bottle of champagne and some chocolate pieces.
Gift baskets are becoming popular these days as one can put all the necessary items in a single basket. One need not purchase each small item separately that he may be wanting to gift a woman. A variety of gift baskets like gourmet baskets, body baskets, baby baskets and bath baskets are available at gift stores in the UK. It would be nice to present some jewelry to a woman who is in her forties.

One can present a gift to a woman on occasions like birthday, Valentine’s Day, marriage anniversary and on the arrival of a new baby in her life. Many retailers have special sections which are earmarked as Gifts for Women. Many retailers in the UK are selling one of its kind gift items like a coke-crate shaped radio and snow dome shaped telephones to the consumers. Several gift stores have come up with innovative gift ideas for her. Many of them are offering customised gift items to the people. These retailers allow their customers to print the photographs of their beloved ones on bed linen, towels and blankets etc.

A man should not wait for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas to present a woman with a gift. A woman would be pleased to accept a gift without any special occasion, only if a man cares to show that he really loves her. One should offer a romantic gift to his lover or girl friend. A romantic gift need not be expensive. A necklace, a costume or a single pretty red rose would make one’s girl friend happy. She will cherish such gifts for long. It would still be better if one chooses the woman’s favourite colour for rose.

Bouquet of flowers, jewelry and greeting cards are considered appropriate gifts for women. Most young boys exchange love notes with their lovers on the Valentine’s day. Most couples present each other with a figure of winged Cupid that is encircled by a hear shaped outline on the occasion of Valentine Day. Older couples may

Jewelry Accessories On the web

jewelryWith the globe economy at a standstill, it is becoming increasingly critical for consumers to locate methods to remain on best of their debts. Bend your wire hanger into the shape you want, or leave it in its hanger shape, but generating it an additional shape will give you a lot more space to hang jewelry. Another of the jewelry supplies storage options I’ve tried for modest beads and findings is the common method of little screw-together plastic containers. I also have a quite simple box template up there that you may edit to develop the size and dimensions you need to have. Right here is a pattern for a travel jewelry organizer that you can carry around with you. When I initial began acquiring beads and jewelry findings and didn’t require the variety of large volume storage I do now, I tried out a lot of different types of bead organizers and storage containers.

They also would be ideal for storing small jewelry findings like crimp beads, bead suggestions and jump rings. I like to place the spacer beads, seed beads and other modest beads I’m utilizing for my existing beading project into most of the compartments and reserve one particular to hold the crimps, clasps, jump rings or other jewelry findings for that project so I never need to have to clutter my function region with lots of storage containers even though I am operating. Verify out my Hub on Free Printable Templates to find box templates to use if you don’t want to do origami. The larger and far more varied your bead collection the a lot more difficult it is to organize and shop it efficiently so that you can effortlessly see all your choices and access the things you want, or very easily find a specific bead or jewelry discovering you want or need.

If you do not rinse it, I can see how the baking soda may possibly leave some sort of film on your jewelry. For a lot more inspiration and project ideas check out my board on Jewelry Organizers Not all of the pins I’ve posted are especially for jewelry, but have at least inspired me to come up with concepts I can produce jewelry organizers. Modest, stacking screw-together containers are handy for carrying about small amounts of beads and jewelry findings securely. If you have been searching for new approaches to organize your jewelry, you have no doubt come across the numerous variations of the large image frame on the wall with pins, wire bars, or lace fabric to hang jewelry from. Plus, the chemicals on some jewelry cleaners can be undesirable for your jewelry more than time.