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Fashion – a Cross Cultural Perspective

When talking about fashion, clothing designers such as Hugo Boss, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent may come to mind. Yet fashion is more complex then the threads these designers weave; it is a custom or style of dress intertwined with society, its norms and culture.

For example, in several tribal communities in Southern Africa men go completely naked except for a string around the waist. Women usually were traditional tribal clothing, but sometimes go topless, especially in the hot summer months. This type of dress attire is taboo in most western countries, yet perfectly normal and appropriate for tribal society. If we were to invite a few members of an African tribal community to visit the United States, they would need to conform to the country’s dress code in order to fit in. If, however our interlopers chose to ignore U.S. dress norms and walked around the streets of New York wearing only tribal attire, they would probably be arrested, or sent to Bell View for Psychiatric evaluation. Thus, what is normal dress in one country is considered bazaar, illegal, or even psychotic in another.

Take George for example, he’s an average guy with a good build, however heads turn when he shops at a local Sears store wearing a woman’s dress. If we ask George’s friends to describe him, they say he’s a good guy, but odd because he likes wearing women’s clothing. When George proceeds to purchase a blouse at Sears the sales girl looks awkward ringing him up. After he exits the department the sales girl turns to a co-worker and starts to laugh. When people violate dress norms they could find themselves mocked, isolated or even ostracized form society.
If we could turn the clock back a few minuets and transport George to a parallel universe in which women dress like men, and men dress like women then George would fit in perfectly. As he shops at Sears nobody blinks an eye. George’s friends now describe him as a great guy and a good dresser. Even the sales girl smiles as she rings him up. After he leaves the department the girl still turns to a co-worker and starts to laugh, not because George is wearing a dress, but because she’s made a date with him for dinner and a movie that night. Ironically in both universes George’s personality and dress attire is identical, yet peoples attitudes and perception towards him has changed, due to the difference in cultural settings.

Finally meet Pam, as she’s out shopping on a freezing winter night wearing a T-shirt and shorts, people think she’s crazy. Although Pam’s attire is normal for a hot summer day, it looks odd when worn in the dead of winter. Six months latter in June, when Pam shows up at wedding wearing a tank top and shorts, people conclude she’s insane. Of course Pam’s dress attire is perfect for summer, but inappropriate for a wedding. Thus, what is normal dress code for a culture

Career in Fashion Design Part – 1

If you can read colors, feel textures, notice blends and believe that you can create the look – fashion designing is a good option.

Fashion designers are trendsetters, but even they have to take an entrance exam and need to study. If you think shoes, belts and hats are style statements and speak louder and more eloquently than the design itself, complement the cut and contribute meaningfully towards an ensemble, another option could be accessory / Jewellery design.

Another option could also be fashion merchandising – lending your talent to the production process that is an essential part of the fashion industry. Merchandising is a specialized management function within the fashion industry. Fashion Merchandisers are responsible for selection of materials, liasoning with the production team and meeting market requirements. The job demands knowledge of fashion trends, textures, materials and colors on one hand and understanding of market demand and the production processes on the other.

(A)The Prospects

Opportunities for jobs exist in the following sectors:

  1. 1.)      Export houses dealing with garment/textile/handloom exports
  2. 2.)      Retail and wholesale garment businesses in men’s/women’s/children clothing in sportswear/casual wear, etc.
  3. 3.)      Haute Couture
  4. 4.)      Government/Semi government-handloom/textile manufacturers
  5. 5.)      Fashion show organizers/Fashion publishers
  6. 6.)      TV/Film fashion program producers/compeers/costume designers, etc.
  7. 7.)      With Film production units
  8. 8.)      Teaching design

(B) The Job

Fashion Design

  1. 1.)      Exploration and research
  2. 2.)      Sketching the original idea on paper
  3. 3.)      Shaping the pattern pieces which make the garment
  4. 4.)      The pieces are then drawn in actual size on paper and cut out on a rough material, stitched together and fitted on a model.
  5. 5.)      Modifications in the pattern pieces or other features of the mock garment are made and thus the design is completed
  6. 6.)      Garments are then made in the final fabric
  7. 7.)      Junior designers: Junior designers generally do the first pattern cutting. They assemble the first samples with fabrics they have selected from the market.

Fashion Merchandising

  1. 1.)      A merchandiser is primarily a coordinator.
  2. 2.)      Merchandisers study buying trends and the buyer’s needs
  3. 3.)      They collect specifications from the buyers and coordinate with fashion designers to develop a product which is market specific.

Accessory Designers

  1. 1.)      Accessory designers are trained as stylists for men’s, ladies or children’s accessories
  2. 2.)      They specialise in leather designing /jewellery designing etc.
  3. 3.)      After carrying out a detailed research about the accessory they are required to work on, designers create new and attractive designs for their clients
  4. 4.)      In the traditional, studio–based design sector, crafts people work to prepare each article individually
  5. 5.)      Work is sold through local outlets, at tourist destinations, emporia and through craft melas.

Jewellery Design

  1. 1.)      Jewellery designers create new designs for gold, silver and precious metal jewellery
  2. 2.)      Large exporters employ designers or select designs from eminent freelancer
  3. 3.)      Gemologists are experts in assessing the quality, value and use of gems for jewellery. They are experts in grading, sorting and setting of gems in various metals.

(C)  Personality Traits

  1. 1.)      Artistic, Creative and imaginative
  2. 2.)      Know-how of textiles
  3. 3.)     

What is Fashion and Why Do We Care?

For centuries individuals or societies have used clothes and other body adornment as a form of nonverbal communication to indicate occupation, rank, gender, sexual availability, locality, class, wealth and group affiliation. Fashion is a form of free speech. It not only embraces clothing, but also accessories. What we wear and how and when we wear it, provides others with a shorthand to subtly read the surface of a social situation.

How we perceive the beauty or ugliness of our bodies is dependant on cultural attitudes to physiognomy. In many cultures, those defining fashion are the cultural icons. This is why newspapers and magazines report on what celebrities and even politicians are wearing.

Examining who is wearing what through print media dates as far back as to even the 1700s. People pored over fashion magazines to see the latest styles. Women and dressmakers outside the French court relied on sketches to see what was going on. The famous French King Louis XIV said that fashion is a mirror. Louis himself was renowned for his style, which tended towards extravagant laces and velvets.

We are constantly being bombarded with new fashion ideas from music, videos, books, and television. Movies also have a big impact on what people wear.

Sociologists believe group affiliation is our prime concern with regard to fashion. As long as some group similarity is identified within the group, our personal fashion whether current or dated can belong to any tribe. It is the sense of belonging marked by how we fashion ourselves that gives us the tribal connection.

At the same time, we as human beings desire differentiation. People are often socially and economically labeled by their clothing or fashion. In history, the Edwardians were socially stratified into those who wore tailor made clothing down to those who wore other people’s cast offs. The poor simply looked poor, because their raiment betrayed them. The rich and nouveau riche displayed their wealth through an iconography of signs and symbols that enhanced their body image in the eyes of those that saw themselves as socially inferior.

Today, the purchase of fashionable clothes, fabrics, or accessories becomes a visual currency and can speak to one’s status. People are so aware of the fact that others make judgments about them through their clothes and accessories that many run up huge debts to appear to belong to a particular lifestyle. Only individuals with a strong sense of self-identity stick their necks out and admit to wearing items that others might consider dubious or passé.

In reality, there are many reasons we wear what we wear.

* Protection from cold, rain and snow: mountain climbers wear high-tech outerwear to avoid frostbite and over-exposure.

* Physical attraction: many styles are worn to inspire “chemistry.”

* Emotions: we dress “up” when we’re happy and “down” when we’re upset.

* Religious expression: Orthodox Jewish men wear long black suits and Islamic women cover every part of their body except their eyes.

* Identification and tradition: judges wear robes,

Sagging (fashion)

Sagging is a manner of wearing pants or shorts below the waist, revealing some or all of their underwear . It is closely associated with hip-hop music and fashion. Sagging is also common among skateboarders and the Skate punk music scene.

<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/635851’);” href=””>slider zipper</a>Sagging is commonly attributed in the media to have originated in the prohibition of belts for prisoners as belts could be used to commit suicide by hanging oneself, to strangle others, or to use as a weapon in fights.

Also, it is suggested that the trends are said to initially be worn by Southern California gang members, it became popular when gangsta rap artists from Los Angeles became popular in the early 90s.

In early September 2007, the city of Atlanta, Georgia was debating whether to have the fashion statement made illegal under an ordinance sponsored by Council member C.T. Martin. This proposal caused considerable feedback.

In March 2008, the Hahira, Georgia City Council passed a highly controversial clothing ordinance, in the name of public safety, that actually bans citizens from wearing pants that are below the waist and reveal skin or undergarments. The council was split 2, but the tie was broken by the mayor.

In many school districts across the United States, sagging is prohibited. The Virginia General Assembly tried, but failed to approve a law making the sagging style illegal in February 2005. In June 2007, the Town council of Delcambre, Louisiana passed an indecent exposure ordinance, prohibiting people wearing trousers which show their underwear.

The American Civil Liberties Union has associated laws against sagging to be racial profiling.Benetta Standly, statewide organizer for the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia stated, “In Atlanta, we see this as racial profiling… It’s going to target African-American male youths. There’s a fear with people associating the way you dress with crimes being committed.” In Flint, Michigan, The police chief has ordered his officers to start arresting “saggers,” as some aficionados of this sartorial style call themselves, on sight, threatening them with jail time and hefty fines for a fad he calls “immoral self expression.” He later told a local paper the style could give officers probable cause to search saggers.

Also in Pleasantville, New Jersey, it is against the law to wear pants in a sagging manner. A ticket is dispersed for indecent exposure.

California Style: Los Angeles Stamped Concrete

Los Angeles stamped concrete is more than just a driveway, walkway or patio; it’s a fashion statement. Los Angeles concrete stamping services can take an otherwise bland and unremarkable slab of cement and turn it into a virtual work of architectural art. In fact, with the help of a Los Angeles concrete stamping professional, you can have these exterior elements resemble expensive and exotic flagstone walks, cobblestone, and even brick. In addition to Los Angeles stamped concrete patios, some homeowners actually extend the concept to the interior; instead of costly, high-maintenance hardwood floors, they choose Los Angeles concrete stamping to create very convincing faux hardwood floors on cement floor surfaces.

Not For The Amateur

There is nothing that projects Southern California style than a Los Angeles stamped concrete patio – but the creation of Los Angeles stamped concrete patios and Los Angeles stamped concrete driveways are serious projects that require skill and experience to do properly – and it entails a great deal of sheer physical labor.

This is why the creation of your Los Angeles stamped concrete patio or other cement surface is a job that should ideally be performed by a trained, experienced professional.

The Process

A first-rate Los Angeles stamped concrete patio starts with the placement of special molds that are heavy and require precise positioning. Creating a Los Angeles stamped concrete driveway, patio or walkway is an unforgiving process that has no margin of error.

The molds used for Los Angeles concrete stamping are also costly; a single set of these molds can run $5000 – $10000. For this reason, most Los Angeles stamped concrete contractors actually rent these for a specific job rather than purchase them.

The Cost

Fortunately, Los Angeles stamped concrete patios and driveways made to look like brick or cobblestone can be made much less expensively than the real thing. Although the exact cost will depend largely on the type of stamp and any colored dyes that may be required, such surfaces start out at around $12 per square foot.

Your Options

There are dozens of different Los Angeles stamped concrete patterns available that can make your home distinct from every other one in the neighborhood. If you are planning to install a patio, driveway or even a swimming pool, it is well worth your while to contact your local Southern California concrete contractor to discuss your options.

Finding Your Own Fashion Style

In a world extraordinarily focused on outward appearance, we need only to open a magazine or turn on our televisions to see the latest and greatest fashion trend; it walks the red carpet, checks out a movie premier, and heads out nightly to the hottest restaurants. And we, as a society always mindful of what’s popular, follows dutifully along, eager to purchase the “must have” item of the season. But, ultimately, the fashion style that works best for us is that which looks good on our particular body and reflects our very individual personality.

As anyone who follows the fashion industry will tell you, trends come and go. What is one year’s hot item is the next season’s fashion “don’t.” Designers present their newest lines and before you know it stores are carrying these clothes in every conceivable variation. And then, just as quickly, they’re gone. It’s almost impossible to keep pace. Luckily, the fashion style that makes the most sense on an individual level is the fashion style that reflects who we are as people; and that never goes out of style.

The most important thing to remember is that just because a particular fashion style is popular at the moment does not mean that it will look good on your particular body. Wearing something just for the sake of wearing it ultimately goes against the principles of fashion. A fashion style that you choose to wear should be something that accentuates your positives, downplays your negatives, and complements the overall line of your body.

Take the time to get to know your body and what styles work best with it. Assess your body objectively; if you have trouble spots, look for cuts and fabrics that camouflage what you need them to camouflage; if you are on the shorter side, look for a fashion style that elongates your body; and always choose colors that complement your skin tone.

Once you find a style that works – stick with it and add your personal touches to reflect your personality; that is the best fashion style you can possibly wear.

Harris Ranch Ideal Stop on Long California Drive

Few travelers speeding along Interstate 5 near Coalinga realize that those cattle they see in feedlots next to the freeway are actually In-N-Out burgers waiting to be processed. Sure, everyone knows that burgers come from cattle, but did you know In-N-Out burgers come from these cattle?

That’s because the famous California-based burger chain uses the high-quality beef produced by Harris Ranch, which is really much more than a feedlot. Drive on down the interstate a piece and you come to an island of hospitality that features a resort-style inn, four restaurants and various tourist services all operated by Harris Ranch.

Just about equidistant from Los Angeles and San Francisco  three hours each way  The word oasis is apt for Harris Ranch; as you’re driving along the interstate it seems to come up out of nowhere. If you’ve drived north and south along Interstate 5, you know that there are hours of boredom driving through the San Joaquin Valley. A few service station-and-fastfood stops appear, but none like the one at Harris Ranch.

Drive into the parking lot at Harris Ranch and what you might have thought was just another freeway-side motel is actually a resort like you would find in Palm Springs or some other major tourist destination. The Spanish stucco buildings surround a dramatic Olympic-size swimming pool. Add some palm trees and resort-style landscaping and, voila, this becomes much more than an overnight rest on your way down the freeway.

We’ve gone past Harris Ranch many times, but our curiosity  and a need to break up the drive from Northern to Southern California  convinced us it was time to spend the night at the “ranch.” It was a Sunday night and we found the inn filled to much less than capacity. Consequently, we were swimming in that huge pool all by ourselves with only one or two couples poolside at any given time.

Our over-sized room was on the third floor offering a view of the agricultural lands that seem to stretch forever in the San Joaquin Valley. The room was not a motel room  it was a resort-style room with many added amenities and, in fact, enough space to place two reclining chairs near the television. The beds were big, soft and comfy and yet another tell-tale sign was the fluffy resort-style bathrobes. This was proving to be much more than a stop-over; it was a destination all unto itself.

That’s why many California families find Harris Ranch an ideal location to meet up with relatives from the far northern and southern parts of the state. It’s a big state so, depending on where you and your relatives live, you can each eliminate hours of driving and pamper yourself while you visit with each other in a resort setting.

One big benefit of spending time at Harris Ranch is that you can settle in and enjoy one of the best beef dinners you’ll ever experience — with service to match. The Harris Ranch

Wedding Style

Wedding Style

Nowadays, when people talk about the different kinds of weddings, the most popular choice that emerges is the outdoor wedding style. This preference makes nature as a wonderful background and the most familiar under this category of wedding style is the garden wedding.

Normally, the wedding favours you will be giving to your guests should match the theme of the said event. So if for instance you have settled for a garden wedding, then it is much more pleasing to arrange your wedding favours in the form of potted plants, seeds, and many others which can be associated with the environment.

Items with designs of animals, trees, butterflies, pebbles, fountains, flowers will do. If you are the more creative and artistic type, then the garden wedding style can make you expand your creative juices to the utmost level. You can even gather petals of scented flowers and make a potpourri out of it and place them in tulle nets or bags made out of fabric. You can also go for small pails that are painted in your chosen wedding colours and fill them up with confectionaries such as chocolates or candies. Embellish and top it off with a small butterfly or bird design on it side. Other stylish favours would be a floral themed letter opener that is made in chrome, but made highly pragmatic. Other examples would also include bookmarks and stoppers. But if your budget would allow more space for expenses, then you can still come up with tiny gift baskets with seeds, flowers, potpourri, or even a candle made of citronella to stave off insects while the guests are sitting out in gardens.

If you are wanting to have edible favours, you can come up with confectionaries that are butterfly or floral shaped. With the popularity of mini cakes emerging in the market, you can also such and top it off with butterfly designs or flowers. For candles, there is a wide range of candles with a garden theme that would remind you of seasons. Soaps can also be searched of different shapes, colours, and scents that can serve as a pleasing wedding favour for everybody.

For any wedding style, the photographic wedding favour could always pass. These include frames, magnets, key rings, and many more. Paper based products can pass too and even cards that are plant-able where seeds are attached to it. The latter suggestion makes it a very interesting gift for the guest since all they need to do is plant the wedding favour as soon as they reach home.

Other popular wedding styles include the formal wedding, the casual wedding, and other theme-styled wedding. The first type is the one that focuses on elegance and classic tradition which is considered the most expensive type of wedding to have. The casual wedding style is where the environment is laid back and relaxed and where everyone can just wear simple clothes. The wedding is held in the backyard with just a few barbeques

Women’s Watches: Preowned Rolex for Her

Throughout history jewelry has always been an integral part of a woman’s ensemble. Accessories. Gold and diamond watches are not just conventional jewelry but rather the epitome of what enhances the beauty of a woman. Rolex, arguably the most luxurious global watch brand has always fascinated everyone with its line of women’s watches that are truly an example of class and elegance.

Rolex has always created extremely beautiful women’s watches to compliment its line of men’s watches. Each watch crafted in 18k yellow or white gold is also embedded with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.. Some of the most popular models of Rolex wrist watches for women are the following:

Ladies MOP Diamond Dial Rolex Super President: It has been a popular choice among women for its Italian made 18k yellow gold President bracelet which is embedded with 232 diamonds. The distinctive bracelet compliments the unique time piece while giving a bold and unique appearance. The MOP Super President offers a custom mother of pearl diamond dial with 10 round cut diamonds that are set in 18k yellow gold. You can also opt for other popular dial colors such as champagne and silver.

Ladies Black Diamond Dial Rolex President: This model simply looks great because of its black diamond dial and 10 round cut diamonds set in 18k yellow gold. It makes a style statement for all those women who are really style conscious. One of the most alluring attractions of this watch is its custom beadset diamond bezel with 30 round cut diamonds which are set in 18k yellow gold.

Ladies Two Tone Oyster Silver Diamond Dial Beadset Bezel Rolex Datejust: Women simply love its Italian-made 18k yellow gold and stainless steel Oyster bracelet that gives a modern and sporty look. It is perfect for those women who have an active lifestyle. It features a custom mother of pearl diamond dial with 10 round cut diamonds set in 18k white gold, a beadset diamond bezel with 30 round cut diamonds set in 18k white gold and a scratch-resistant sapphire conversion crystal.

Owing to its heritage, supreme expertise and craftsmanship, a Rolex wrist watch commands a high market value. However, pre-owned Rolex watches offer the same allure as a new watch but with only a fraction of the price. The best thing about these pre-owned watches is that they are available at highly affordable prices, allowing everyone to be a proud owner of a Rolex.

Melrose Jewelers offers authentic pre owned Rolex watches both for men and women at wholesale prices. They have an extremely trusted chain of suppliers from whom they buy the finest vintage and modern Rolex watches. They offer these watches for sale in a superb condition. To ensure complete customer satisfaction each watch is inspected, adjusted, refurbished, lubricated, and tested they are shipped. Each watch is also fitted with brand new parabolic, scratch-resistant sapphire crystals as in most cases; the original acrylic crystals get scratched. An independent full appraisal is conducted by the

Bohemian Clothing: New fashion Style

Bohemian style of clothing as becomes the latest trend in fashion nowadays.  Its popularity is rising as celebrities begun to wear it on red carpet on big occasions. The good thing is, it is not really that expensive like what celebrities wear.

The term Bohemian means somebody with unconventional lifestyle. It defines somebody often a writer or artist who does not live according to the conventions of the society. Actually, Bohemian style is a nonconformist style. With such, you don’t have to expensive designer’s collection just to get an entire new wardrobe.

Bohemian style started by struggling artists of 1950s. The style on how they dress is often greeted by mass media as barbaric as they deviate from the conventions. Usually, they have an interesting piece with them. To dress up like one, a floppy hat or a patterned shirt will do, and then pair it with jeans. Also, a pair your jeans with leather belt will create a perfect look. Definitely you won’t get lost in a crowd with this kind of look.

The bohemian cloths are mainly made out of the cottons. These comfortable dresses are designed with the bright colors. The embroidered designs are influenced by the genuine gypsy as well as the hippie culture. One thing to note, Bohemian style doesn’t show muscles or bumps and curves.

There are no strict color palette for bohemian style, you may choose any colors and shades the rainbow. Always remember to choose fabrics that are a little muted. Even black cannot be found on the rainbow, anything goes in this style of clothing. There are no criteria.

The need for accessories is a must. Wearing big bangle bracelets and earrings made from peacock feathers would create a perfect definition of this style of clothing. The trick here is in knowing how you can mix and match different pieces of Bohemia clothing that would create a great combination.