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Fashion – a Cross Cultural Perspective

When talking about fashion, clothing designers such as Hugo Boss, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent may come to mind. Yet fashion is more complex then the threads these designers weave; it is a custom or style of dress intertwined with society, its norms and culture.

For example, in several tribal communities in Southern Africa men go completely naked except for a string around the waist. Women usually were traditional tribal clothing, but sometimes go topless, especially in the hot summer months. This type of dress attire is taboo in most western countries, yet perfectly normal and appropriate for tribal society. If we were to invite a few members of an African tribal community to visit the United States, they would need to conform to the country’s dress code in order to fit in. If, however our interlopers chose to ignore U.S. dress norms and walked around the streets of New York wearing only tribal attire, they would probably be arrested, or sent to Bell View for Psychiatric evaluation. Thus, what is normal dress in one country is considered bazaar, illegal, or even psychotic in another.

Take George for example, he’s an average guy with a good build, however heads turn when he shops at a local Sears store wearing a woman’s dress. If we ask George’s friends to describe him, they say he’s a good guy, but odd because he likes wearing women’s clothing. When George proceeds to purchase a blouse at Sears the sales girl looks awkward ringing him up. After he exits the department the sales girl turns to a co-worker and starts to laugh. When people violate dress norms they could find themselves mocked, isolated or even ostracized form society.
If we could turn the clock back a few minuets and transport George to a parallel universe in which women dress like men, and men dress like women then George would fit in perfectly. As he shops at Sears nobody blinks an eye. George’s friends now describe him as a great guy and a good dresser. Even the sales girl smiles as she rings him up. After he leaves the department the girl still turns to a co-worker and starts to laugh, not because George is wearing a dress, but because she’s made a date with him for dinner and a movie that night. Ironically in both universes George’s personality and dress attire is identical, yet peoples attitudes and perception towards him has changed, due to the difference in cultural settings.

Finally meet Pam, as she’s out shopping on a freezing winter night wearing a T-shirt and shorts, people think she’s crazy. Although Pam’s attire is normal for a hot summer day, it looks odd when worn in the dead of winter. Six months latter in June, when Pam shows up at wedding wearing a tank top and shorts, people conclude she’s insane. Of course Pam’s dress attire is perfect for summer, but inappropriate for a wedding. Thus, what is normal dress code for a culture

Wedding Gifts For Older Couples

In the good old days choosing a wedding gift was a fairly simple. Since most couples were young and just starting their lives together wedding gifts were chosen to help them furnish the home they were be sharing. Since both parties were usually going from their family home to a home of their own they needed everything to set up housekeeping so the choice of a wedding gift was almost limitless. You could choose a toaster or another small appliance, gift a gift of towels, artwork, or anything else to decorate their home or apartment.

Today, marriage isn’t just for the young couple starting out. There are many middle aged and older individuals who have been married and divorced or widowed, or single professionals who are older. These couples already have their own completely furnished homes and have little need for the basic housekeeping appliances that once made the choice of a wedding gift so simple.

So how do you choose an appropriate wedding gift for those couples who seemingly have everything they need?

Check the Gift Registry

Many couples both young and not so young sign up at a stores gift registry choosing gifts that they would like to receive as wedding presents. This can prove useful when you are not sure exactly what wedding gift to choose for the happy couple. Many wedding invitations today come with a note telling you what store or stores the couple is registered with so that you can go and view which gifts they are anxious to receive.

Give a Gift Certificate

Gift certificates always make wonderful gifts as they let the newly married couple choose a wedding gift of their own choice. For those of you who want to give a more unusual gift you can give a gift certificate to a particular event such as seasonal tickets to the symphony, opera or other event the couple may enjoy attending as a couple.

Pitch in on the Honeymoon

Many older retired couples who choose to marry are on a limited income and may not be able to afford a honeymoon. Pitching in with others to give the couple a weekend away to celebrate their marriage can make a wonderful and surprising wedding gift. This may also be true of a young couple who is just starting out and can’t really afford a proper honeymoon.

Give the Gift of Money

Money always makes a good gift and comes in handy for the new couple to use however they please whether it is to purchase something they particular want, use on their honeymoon, or simply put into a savings account for the future.

The age and financial status of couples getting married may have changed somewhat over the last few decades but, the desire to give a gift that the couple will appreciate and like remains the same. Choosing a wedding gift is your way of joining in the celebration of the couples love for one another.

Lajolla: the Beverly Hills of San Diego

With its panoramic ocean views, swaying palm trees and unbeatable weather, La Jolla is like Hawaii without the five-hour flight.

This was decades ago and we had just returned from our first real long-distance travel experience  an unforgettable, eye-opening journey to Hawaii that exposed a couple of soggy Pacific Northwest college students to bright sunshine and warm saltwater that we never even knew existed. The very next month we were taking a Southern California vacation when we came upon La Jolla and it was, as Yogi would say, d? vu all over again.

To be sure, the water in Southern California was prettier than it was warm. And there weren’t too many native Hawaiians  although Hawaii doesn’t seem to have many either. WHAT La Jolla did have was the views and that bright sunshine, and we were determined that someday we would come back and live there.

We did eventually live and work there, if only for a brief time, and this special coastal haven delivered on all its promises. The “Village,” as the locals call Girard Avenue and the community surrounding it, is a gourmet blend of those spices that make life so enjoyable  fine dining, world-class shopping, countless outdoor activities, surf, sand, incredible views and, of course, almost-constant sunshine.

Nowadays, the local home values have priced out the average mortal and, if you’re living there, you’ve either done very well for yourself or had the good fortune to grow up in a family that bought local real estate back when local land prices were reasonable  probably sometime just after statehood. But there are two groups of people who are living in the Village temporarily: the renters and the tourists. The renters plunk down several thousand each month for the barest of digs; the tourists stay only briefly but much more economically.

Which is why it’s great to be a tourist in La Jolla. With a choice of several tasteful hotels and spa resorts  and, yes, some are quite reasonably priced  visitors can pretend they’re living the lifestyle for a few days and still go home with money in their pockets.

It all begins with watching the people parade down on Gerard Avenue. Plan to have a gourmet sandwich down at one of several cafes and then plop yourself at an outside table. Leading the parade is a 20-something bombshell dressed in a spaghetti-strapped halter and capris, dragging along a five-inch poodle that is decidedly disinterested in being part of this parade. Next up: a 30-something clean-cut guy wearing lumberjack boots up to his ankles, his pants squished into the boot tops, and his long-sleeve shirt well down over his belt buckle. It must be new La Jolla fashion because his stylish 20-something model-like girlfriend doesn’t seem the least bit embarrassed to walk beside him. Then along comes two 30-something men, dressed almost identically in turtlenecks, expensive sports jackets and shades, surely sweltering in the mid-day sun but cool in their own minds.

Symbolic Anniversary Gifts

Throughout times, certain anniversary gifts have been given according to the number of years that a couple has been with each other. Though this idea has been around since the Middle Ages, it was largely pushed by jewelry companies. Nevertheless, such themed gifts can be fun.

In a relationship among people who are too young to be married, it is sometimes common to see the exchange of a promise ring-a statement that the two lovebirds will stay loyal to each other and “go steady.”

When engaged, a couple wears engagement rings. However, the in the initial purchase of an engagement ring can be risky, for success is difficult to predict. Many people choose to buy wholesale diamonds, or reduce risk using money back guarantee diamonds. There are many jewelers who sell these, as well as wedding bands for the couple to wear after the marriage.

For the first anniversary, it is traditional to give paper. Modern times also suggest clocks. The paper can be given in many forms, such as a piece of art, a fine notebook, a photo album, a finely framed photo, origami, stationary, tickets, and books. The clock can be anything from a pretty watch to a decorative wall clock. The symbolic flower for the first year of marriage is a carnation.

The traditional gift for the fifth year of marriage is wood. The modern gift is silverware. Wood can also come in many forms, such as finger rings, jewelry, furniture, dolls, frames, and art. Silverware is a little more difficult to be creative with, though some very nice sets can be found in many stores. Daisies are the traditional flowers for this anniversary.

Diamond jewelry isn’t given until the tenth anniversary. Those who want high quality diamonds are known to look for GIA diamond rings. However, if diamond is too expensive, the traditional gift is tin or aluminum, which can be given in the form of watches, tins, cups, jewelry boxes, decorations, and trinkets. The traditional tenth-anniversary flower is the daffodil.

For the twentieth anniversary, the traditional gift is china, and the modern gift is platinum. China can be traditional plates and bowls, but figurines are also popular and traditional. Platinum is a notoriously valuable material and is often adorned with gemstones. Certified diamonds are popular amongst particular spouses, especially EGL loose diamonds as well as high quality GIA certified diamonds. Aster is the twentieth anniversary flower.

Silver and sterling silver are the traditional gifts for the twenty-fifth anniversary. It is most popular to give silver jewelry, though silver is used to make a number of other things, including silverware, bowls, vases, art, and figurines. The traditional flower is the iris.

Pearls and diamonds are the symbolic gifts for couples celebrating their thirtieth anniversary. This can be accomplished quite easily with jewelry. The jewelry can incorporate pearls or diamonds or even both, though that might seem a little gaudy. Pearls are ideal if your spouse disapproves of the diamond industry. Purchasing a non conflict diamond is

Harris Ranch Ideal Stop on Long California Drive

Few travelers speeding along Interstate 5 near Coalinga realize that those cattle they see in feedlots next to the freeway are actually In-N-Out burgers waiting to be processed. Sure, everyone knows that burgers come from cattle, but did you know In-N-Out burgers come from these cattle?

That’s because the famous California-based burger chain uses the high-quality beef produced by Harris Ranch, which is really much more than a feedlot. Drive on down the interstate a piece and you come to an island of hospitality that features a resort-style inn, four restaurants and various tourist services all operated by Harris Ranch.

Just about equidistant from Los Angeles and San Francisco  three hours each way  The word oasis is apt for Harris Ranch; as you’re driving along the interstate it seems to come up out of nowhere. If you’ve drived north and south along Interstate 5, you know that there are hours of boredom driving through the San Joaquin Valley. A few service station-and-fastfood stops appear, but none like the one at Harris Ranch.

Drive into the parking lot at Harris Ranch and what you might have thought was just another freeway-side motel is actually a resort like you would find in Palm Springs or some other major tourist destination. The Spanish stucco buildings surround a dramatic Olympic-size swimming pool. Add some palm trees and resort-style landscaping and, voila, this becomes much more than an overnight rest on your way down the freeway.

We’ve gone past Harris Ranch many times, but our curiosity  and a need to break up the drive from Northern to Southern California  convinced us it was time to spend the night at the “ranch.” It was a Sunday night and we found the inn filled to much less than capacity. Consequently, we were swimming in that huge pool all by ourselves with only one or two couples poolside at any given time.

Our over-sized room was on the third floor offering a view of the agricultural lands that seem to stretch forever in the San Joaquin Valley. The room was not a motel room  it was a resort-style room with many added amenities and, in fact, enough space to place two reclining chairs near the television. The beds were big, soft and comfy and yet another tell-tale sign was the fluffy resort-style bathrobes. This was proving to be much more than a stop-over; it was a destination all unto itself.

That’s why many California families find Harris Ranch an ideal location to meet up with relatives from the far northern and southern parts of the state. It’s a big state so, depending on where you and your relatives live, you can each eliminate hours of driving and pamper yourself while you visit with each other in a resort setting.

One big benefit of spending time at Harris Ranch is that you can settle in and enjoy one of the best beef dinners you’ll ever experience — with service to match. The Harris Ranch

High End Poor Fitting Garments: Three-Pattern Making Problems Found in High End Garments

When looking for a garment that fits great in a boutique or high end department store many times people don’t always find a garment that fits their body properly. The problem is due to three pattern-making problems: bad Pattern balancing, wrong pattern proportions and incorrect pattern adjustments when fitting a garment on a live model.

First Pattern Making Problem: Balancing. When designing a garment pattern balance plays a major role in the way a garment fits on a person’s body. A not well balance pattern can cause a garment to look poorly fitted or unpleasant to the client’s eye due to the way it hangs on a hanger. A pattern that is off grain line not align  properly on the fabric’s grain line can cause a garment to swing toward one side more than the other side.

Second Pattern Making Problem: Wrong pattern proportions. Now days many designs signatures create designs that do not reflect true body measurements or proportions. This problem is best seen when people go shopping and do not find a garment that fits them properly either because the design is too big overall or the bust measurement of a dress is too small and the hip area too big. Making a pattern for a design with not standard specifications available will dramatically affect the fit of a design by making it not wearable due to the patterns proportions wrongly used. Another common problem when making a pattern for a particular costumer or market is the lack of a professional model hired by a company or designer. This can be very problematic issued in pattern making because not having an actual model as a base size and using different models will change the proportions of a pattern for a particular design.

Third Pattern Making Problem: Incorrect pattern alterations. Not knowing correct pattern drafting techniques and proper pattern alterations when fitting a garment on a live model will return poor fitted garments. Experienced pattern makers now days use technology to create patterns but often in times many pattern corrections are not made properly due to the lack of manual pattern manipulation experienced. It is imperative that pattern corrections made to a pattern must be tested for accuracy and fit before releasing a pattern for production.

In Summation, Many High-end department stores do not always have the best-fitted garments in their stores. Costumers have a hard time finding a well-fitted garment and patterns made for a particular design are not been fitted properly. Incorrect pattern balancing, not true proportions and lock of knowledge about how to fix a pattern on a real live model will all contribute to poor fitted garments. Following industry standards and making the proper research about body proportion of a particular population will dramatically improve the way a garment fits on a person’s body. A conscious or well-established company who hires professional experienced pattern makers and fit models will benefit from their investment the most by getting compliments and sales on all the designs

Wedding Style

Wedding Style

Nowadays, when people talk about the different kinds of weddings, the most popular choice that emerges is the outdoor wedding style. This preference makes nature as a wonderful background and the most familiar under this category of wedding style is the garden wedding.

Normally, the wedding favours you will be giving to your guests should match the theme of the said event. So if for instance you have settled for a garden wedding, then it is much more pleasing to arrange your wedding favours in the form of potted plants, seeds, and many others which can be associated with the environment.

Items with designs of animals, trees, butterflies, pebbles, fountains, flowers will do. If you are the more creative and artistic type, then the garden wedding style can make you expand your creative juices to the utmost level. You can even gather petals of scented flowers and make a potpourri out of it and place them in tulle nets or bags made out of fabric. You can also go for small pails that are painted in your chosen wedding colours and fill them up with confectionaries such as chocolates or candies. Embellish and top it off with a small butterfly or bird design on it side. Other stylish favours would be a floral themed letter opener that is made in chrome, but made highly pragmatic. Other examples would also include bookmarks and stoppers. But if your budget would allow more space for expenses, then you can still come up with tiny gift baskets with seeds, flowers, potpourri, or even a candle made of citronella to stave off insects while the guests are sitting out in gardens.

If you are wanting to have edible favours, you can come up with confectionaries that are butterfly or floral shaped. With the popularity of mini cakes emerging in the market, you can also such and top it off with butterfly designs or flowers. For candles, there is a wide range of candles with a garden theme that would remind you of seasons. Soaps can also be searched of different shapes, colours, and scents that can serve as a pleasing wedding favour for everybody.

For any wedding style, the photographic wedding favour could always pass. These include frames, magnets, key rings, and many more. Paper based products can pass too and even cards that are plant-able where seeds are attached to it. The latter suggestion makes it a very interesting gift for the guest since all they need to do is plant the wedding favour as soon as they reach home.

Other popular wedding styles include the formal wedding, the casual wedding, and other theme-styled wedding. The first type is the one that focuses on elegance and classic tradition which is considered the most expensive type of wedding to have. The casual wedding style is where the environment is laid back and relaxed and where everyone can just wear simple clothes. The wedding is held in the backyard with just a few barbeques

Dana Titus – Photography

Fashion photography is best displayed in fashion magazines like narcissism Fair, style and allure. It is dedicated to showing fashion trends in fabric and otherwise, on the beautiful fashion models. Fashion photography has its own aesthetic, celebrating fashion enhanced by exotic locations and themes. The earliest show of fashion photography on record is the portfolio of a noble girl, Virginia Oldoini, the Countess de Castiglione in 1856. The first fashion model was photographed by Adolphe Braun, making him the first fashion photographer! The development of halftone printing enabled fashion photography to add color and spark to mags. The French mags Les mode and La mode practique were the first to capitalize on fashion photography.

In fashion photography, special emphasis was at first on ‘staging’ the shots, in natural poses at natural environments. This procedure or practice was first adopted and developed by Baron Adolf de Meyer. Fashion mags Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar were leaders in the sector of fashion photography in the earlier half of the 20 th century. The fashion photography industry bigwigs still salute and give respect to the contributions made by George Hoyningen Huene, Cecil Beaton and Edward Steichen and Yva. They literally transformed this photography idiom into a skill form that thrived in Europe. In the U. S. of America, the contributions to the sector of fashion photography post WW2 came from Martin Munkacsi, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn. In a way, these hot shots shaped the contemporary look of fashion photography.

Plenty of the earlier artists eagerly abandoned their adopted forms, the majority of which were extremely firm, for a more natural and independent style. It was in the year 1936 that fashion snapper Martin Munkacsi first photographed models in diverse poses at the beach. Fashion photography became extraordinarily popular and became a dream for every young man who loved the widely marketed cameras after the Second World War and every young girl who had the crucial statistics! Fashion photography has a huge audience and involves great pay packets today. Models are now enjoying international celebrity standing and a particularly glamorous lifestyle . In truth, it would not be not right to state that fashion photography is among one of the world’s most sought-after professions!

There are a number of avenues where fashion photography can be flaunted. The niche fashion advertising arena, art photography and celebrity portraiture are extremely paying and well appreciated. Today industry bigwigs like photo editor Clio McNicholl and agent Gloria Cappelletti agree that the industry is witnessing a new avatar! There is whole proven approach and application to setting up a portfolio, effectively submitting the same to editors, the choice of the photo agency and ultimately a display. In fashion photography, the most vital tool is the portfolio. It helps build a name in the fashion world.

There are a number of unsolicited portfolios received by the photo editors of assorted magazines, frequently. It is understandable for noobs to need to have their work spotted just about right away. The promotional

Commercial Product Photography: Three Product Photography Techniques for Great Catalog Online Store Pictures

1) The Importance of Lighting
In commercial product photography, light plays a great roll in the way in which we will portrait and show products on an online store. Professionals use special lighting techniques to bring dramatic effects and crystal clarity to the images. When not using proper lighting products will look poor in quality and unappealing to the eye making a potential buyer deviate from your website. By using lighting correctly, you can bring a three-dimensional feel to a two-dimensional product image; making it seem more tangible to the viewer – as if they could touch it with their hands. In most cases, typical lighting techniques use in commercial product photography will include strobe lights, soft lighting boxes, powerful strobe lights to gain depth of field, a High resolution camera, reflectors and special macro lenses for close up work.
2) Creating the stage

Creating the right environment or scenario in commercial product photography will tell or play a big part in producing the right mood for your products. Whether you are photographing a fashion garment piece or a pair of glasses setting an atmosphere that makes the customer want to buy the product is vital. A professional photographer knows how to create a mood instead of just documenting a product. For instance, Throwing an apple fruit product on a white background will not appetite the buyer as much as if you set that same apple on a home made table and on top of a plate, saying this as an example the buyer will be reminded of his home and will want to have that apple served on his plate.
3) Image quality

Professional image quality can be achieved by having the right type of equipment and knowledge of the formats in which the image will be displayed. In commercial product photography, photographers should have a keen sense for marketing and should ask questions about the type of products to be about photograph. Knowing the audience that is target it to will help in decision making and best lay out to be created to produce attracting high quality images for an online store product display.
Following these three simple photography techniques will successfully produce high quality product images. Whether you need to create a catalog with pictures of your products or build an online store to settle for less than professional product images is a decision that will pay off dramatically in both sales and the way in which buyers will perceive the quality of your products.• COMMERCIAL PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY LOS ANGELES, CA. We specialize in Product photography in Los Angeles and are adept at photographing a diverse number of Products including: Dresses, tops, shirts. blouses, hand bags,jewlery, sun glases and more in Los Ageles California. WEDDING AND EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES LOS ANGELES, CA. Camera wiz is the best online wedding photography service at affordable prizes. Wedding photography and wedding photographer in Los Angeles, CA.

Wedding Planning Step By Step Schedule

weddingIn the year leading up to my wedding, I attempted to make myself an expert in every thing wedding-connected. Enlist the aid of your bridesmaids or family to do a little cutting and folding and you can generate your personal fabulous pocketfolds from scrapbooking paper, creating each and every one a little diverse, but in the very same color loved ones as your wedding colors. It enables a person else to aid reduce paper layers to the proper size and employing the right paper or decorative punch when every template is labeled with that information. Generating paper cones to go with your décor from scrapbook paper couldn’t be easier and they can be employed in a range of distinct ways. Wedding programs utilised to be a plain 81/two x 11 piece of paper folded in half into a tiny booklet and printed with the names of the wedding party and detailing the order of events…not really inspiring. Scrapbook paper and cardstock can vary in value- from 49 cents up to a dollar per sheet if purchased in a retail setting.

These days, brides and grooms strive to design and style a wedding which reflects their private tastes and the spirit of their relationship. Guest books have come a long way from the tightly bound tiny white book stuck on a table with a fancy feather pen and a bored looking attendant keeping watch over it. Individuals are utilizing almost everything from wedding wish trees to tags hung on clotheslines to vintage typewriters as their guest books. You can place your wedding story on them, a collage of photographs of the two of you, the possibilities are really endless. Incantations and spells for the protection of the wearer of rings are widespread motifs.

Scrapbooking paper is ideal for creating spot cards, reserved signs, and table numbers for your reception tables. Today in traditional religious ceremonies, Christian and otherwise, the wedding rings are blessed by a minister or priest, as a result continuing the symbolic practice of imbuing rings with protective powers. If your wedding has a theme, color scheme, and or motif(s), it’s straightforward to play off of those for inspiration. There are many possibilities available to you when it comes to decorating and assembling your wedding invitations. The most crucial step in designing your personal wedding invitations on the laptop is choosing the appropriate size.