Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Explanation of Early Ejaculation Cause Previously described in Early Ejaculation Understanding article. That premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder characterized by loss of control to maintain an erection and reach climax and release sperm in a short time during sexual intercourse so that men are unable to withstand ejaculation. You must useĀ hammer of thor
Even the actual definition is unclear today because of how quickly ejaculation is categorized as premature ejaculation. Various researchers even claim that premature ejaculation as a sperm discharge event faster or less than the duration of 2 minutes after intercourse.
Apparently premature ejaculation that occurs only a few times not classified as premature ejaculation and do not need to be noticed in excess. The release of sperm too quickly should only be classified as premature ejaculation when ejaculation is often too fast for any sexual intercourse.
Not so clear about this, whether every man who experienced premature ejaculation is a phenomenon where every man can not control ejaculation during sex only within 1-2 minutes. Though the average man can survive 4-8 minutes after penetration even though most men claim to be able to survive longer than usual.
For men, this problem is fatal for him, because premature ejaculation is a sexual problem that staying as a distributor of disharmony of households. Many estimates that lead to premature ejaculation sufferers how many adult men who experience it. Only a possible estimate that 1 in 3 men experience premature ejaculation because men do not tell the truth about how long their ability to act on the screen and they can only be embarrassed when asked about it.
The embarrassment sometimes arises when a man has sex with his wife because he is unable to ejaculate normally and satisfy his wife’s desires. Men with premature ejaculation often have complaints of emotional distress and interpersonal relationships with their wives coinciding with the incidence of premature ejaculation.
According to women, it is even considered reasonable and not a big problem as long as women can still be stimulated and reach the desired climax. And when it does not get the peak of the orgasm, that’s where the anxiety begins to appear because men can not regulate how to play and too quickly experience ejaculation. The problem causes the wife to be unsatisfied before reaching the desired climax. This is a frightening specter for the relationship of married couples.
Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation until now there is no specific benchmark on the cause. Despite the many explanations disclosed by researchers and doctors, some argue that premature ejaculation causes premature ejaculation are linked at the time of maturation very quickly because ejaculation to end with a short time or perhaps premature ejaculation is an uneasy performance before sexual intercourse for fear Can not satisfy the couple.
There is no valid evidence to date from the above explanations. Perhaps another explanation is trying to describe the condition of premature ejaculation in terms of male physiology, such as changes in serotonin receptors, genetic disorders, overly sensitive penises, and nervous system abnormalities.

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