Confirmation Gifts for Young Men

For young men, a Confirmation is a rite of passage where they transition their Christian faith from a child’s lens into an adult’s lens. For young men, their Confirmation is a momentous day because it not only marks the day where the church sees him as an adult, but a day where he reflects on himself and his place in the world. Giving gifts that celebrate and recognize his religious and personal growth are incredibly important for his extraordinary experience. Here are some recommendations on what young men would love for their Confirmation:

Personalized Watch:

A personalized watch engraved with their name and Confirmation date, or their favorite Bible passage will definitely be meaningful gift to the confirmed. It makes a useful and “manly” gift, and a gift he can pass on to his children as well.

Personalized Bible:

A personalized Bible may not be his in top ten requested Confirmation gifts, but he will indefinitely thank you later in his life for this kind of give recognizes his maturity in the Christian faith, and he will keep it a lifetime keepsake that he will share with his family. You can personalize the Bible by having his name, date, or a special Biblical passage embossed or gold-painted on the cover.

Personalized Medallion:

For their Confirmation, a personalized medallion makes a memorable and handsome gift for a young man. The silver or gold medallion can be decorated with a cross or a dove, illustrating his transition through his faith. You could also personalize the medallion by having the necklace engraved with his name, date, or a special Biblical verse on the front or the back of the medallion. This necklace will be a special reminder of his important day, and also as a keepsake he can pass on.

Christian Teen Books:

Christian teen books are a touching and helpful gift that can give the confirmed young man practical advice on how to live in a world that doesn’t cater to the Christian faith. You can find these kinds of books in most religious and mainstream bookstores. This is one of the best Confirmation gifts for boys and Confirmation gifts for girls that anybody can give- from the people who were directly involved in his religious guidance as a sponsor, godparent, or a religious counselor.

In conclusion, it’s imperative to give personalized Confirmation gifts that will reflect the religious commitment of the confirmed young man and reflect his individual interests. Most of all, it is the most important that you be there for his special day, and remind him how special he is to you.