Getting Some New Furniture for Our Home and Explaining to My Husband What It Was for

I was looking online for occasional tables and some seating for our home. My husband asked me what an occasional table was. I looked at him and spoke slowly that is was a table you used occasionally. Of course, being a guy, it didn’t click with him. So, I explained further. I told him they were tables you would bring out when guests were over and you needed some flat surfaces for them to place stuff on while they were sitting down. I showed him some examples at the NovaSolo furniture website I was shopping at. He asked me if I was going to get some occasional seating for these hypothetical occasional guests. When I told him I was, he rolled his eyes and left the room.

I was looking at some occasional chairs to match the rest of our furniture including the occasional tables I was buying. I found a nice nested set where you could hide a medium and small table underneath the main one. No need to tuck anything away in a closet or spare room. We have a large family and a small house. In order to keep it uncluttered when we do not have visitors, we have extra seating we can put away. What we had been using were folding metal chairs and small folding tables. I wanted something more stylish and comfortable for us and our guests.

The NovoSolo furniture website had a lot of items to choose from. One piece I really liked was for our entryway. It had a bench for sitting and taking off and putting on footwear as well as hooks for coats. It looks great just in the foyer at our front door. Being able to order nice pieces and have them shipped directly to our house is very nice. No more trips to the furniture store.

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