Giving "In Memory" Gifts Helps Grieving Family Members Cope

Sympathy gifts honoring the death of someone or given to provide sympathy to bereaved family members should provide real comfort. However, all too often that’s not the case. It can be enormously hard to find a gift that really captures the emotions that you want to express and that helps the family or person realize that they are not alone. While it’s common to send flowers as a condolence, “in memory” gifts are far better options.

What Are “In Memory” Gifts?

“In memory” gifts are exactly what they sound like. These are sympathy gifts given to honor the memory of the deceased person and to provide lasting comfort to those mourning the loss. In fact, these gifts are really more about providing help, support and showing compassion to the living than they are about the deceased.

How Do You Choose “In Memory” Gifts?

Choosing a memory gift can be difficult, but it’s important that you take the time to find a unique gift that really expresses your feelings. A wide range of gift items can be used here, including jewelry, candles, jewelry boxes and even garden stones and lamps. There are two key factors that make a memory gift a real treasure.

The first of these qualities is that the item be something that the recipient will treasure always. It should be something that they will use, display or wear all the time. It should be something that appeals to them, but is unique enough to show that you really put effort and thought into your gift.

The second quality is that any “in memory” gift should give the grieving person real support and should show compassion. Meaningful sayings help to achieve this. Any saying should help the grieving person come to grips with their loss, but also to realize that their loved one is not gone forever – they’re kept alive by memories cherished in the heart.

For example, a famous quote from Gandhi captures the essence of this very well – “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.” Sayings like this help the grieving family member focus on the happy memories with their loved one and to realize that they are still with them. Such a gift can truly provide long lasting comfort that will soothe the hurt and loss of death.

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