Numbers And Calculations Games Can Be Fun!

Take your lessons “to go” on your NintendoDS with Learn Math.
Progress through 10 different topics to learn, practice, and repeat lessons based on a syllabus
for grades 1-4. Become a math wizard in no time!
Practicing your skills and honing your knowledge of facts can be fun with Learn 
cool Math 4 kids for Nintendo
DS.From Dream Catcher Interactive, this collection
math games can by synced with syllabuses for grades one through four, making it easy
to ensure problems are just hard enough to keep students both interested and motivated.
Coordinated with a syllabus of grades 1-4 Improves achievements through exercises
Item is available in three languages such as English, Spanish and French. Diversified
exercises, Small quizzes enhance the lessons learned,
A selection of 10 different topics provides a well-rounded learning experience, The denominator talks about how many
parts the whole has been divided into. So a fraction like 4/7 tells us that we are looking
into 4 parts of a whole that has been divided into 7 equal parts.The quotient
The fraction 2/3 may be considered as a quotient2 divided by 3. In other words, you are dividing
up 2 by 3.For instance
Supposing we are giving some cookies to 3people. Well, we could distribute each cookie
to one person at a time until the process was complete. Now, if we had 6 cookies, then
we could represent this situation using simple math in the form of dividing 6 by 3. It’s
clear that each person will get two.But what if you only have two cookies to distribute?
One way of solving this problem is to divide each cookie into 3 equal parts and giving
each person 1/3 of each cookie, so that each person ends up with 1/3+1/3 or 2/3 cookies
in the end. In other words, it’s 2 divided by 3. A ratio
You can compare 2 things in terms of ratio.There are two ways to go about it. We have
the old fashioned method of writing ratios in the form of a:b, which is pronounced as
”a is to b”. However, newer versions of text books state it as a/b. So if this ration
of ”a” to ”b” is 1 to 4, then ”a” said to be one-quarter of ”b”. In other
words, ”b” is 4 times greater as ”a”.For instance, the width of a rectangular shape
is 7cm and length 19cm. Now, the ratio of its width to length is 7cm to 19cm, or 7/19.
Since we are comparing cm to cm, there’s no need of writing the units. Alternatively,
the ratio of its length to width is 19 to7.Generally, understanding fractions is very
easy. A teacher may use shapes and real objects to help explain to the student how fractions
work. They may divide the objects into equal parts and ask students to write the fractions
down. Usually, this is the simplest way to go about how to understand fractions. Follow me:


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