Parisian style

Parisian, disappointments have caused the three syllables, if the French uvular trill with pure issued, throat get out of it is vague and ambiguous. As Parisian style woven in our minds the impression that it is the petty bourgeoisie, and Bohemia, and classical, Pioneer’s … … all kinds of conflicting words can be used to describe it but it must not capture an accurate image. Intoxicated people centuries of Parisian style What is it?

Parisian style is to first talk about the essence of arrogance and the pursuit of stylized, write down the first person to rule this course ought to French fashion founder of Louis XIV the Great. The east of the main entrance of the Louvre year construction project, he will reach the height of fame, and his master Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Baroque style, with numerous curves exclude the end, the Louvre east main entrance of the Palace of Versailles and the subsequent stress levels in a straight line Under the guidance of a pearl of architectural history, the history of European art has also been split into two parallel lines, one is the plural, the development of the Baroque style, the country united, and the other one is this rigorous neo-classical, is the only rebel child from France to create.

A mobile feast in Paris

French Parisian style fashion to the streets filled with such a fashion heyday of course ought to lead the world in arts and cultural center in Paris in the last century on behalf of two to three decades. In this fascinating flow of Hemingway’s feast where, Parisian style so that each stop-off in this city who will never forget.

It was a golden age of the post-war Paris had just freed themselves from the fear of war, steeped in the arts among the hedonistic mood. It is open the door to host of talented artists from around the world and the rest is nobility in exile, he served a variety of trendy fashion are addicted to sway do not dramas. People’s social and gathering places in the most popular restaurants and trendy cafes. Leeds hotel lobby towards the Rue Huyghens always been voices in all aspects of various avant-garde art are on display here. When Hemingway obsessed with writing the novel, Joyce perhaps in the opposite side table and the NPC to talk about literature, and Kidd in the window seat quietly sipping a glass of wine.

Meiyu Jian said the stubborn to wear their own designs of Coco Chanel line of clothing, contact all kinds of artist friends, operating throughout the city’s most fashionable clothing store development. She is an elegant woman’s standard model in Paris, but also pay attention to comfort in this simple style of the founder. Morris. Sachs in Paris in his diary described the Chanel: “Her genius lies in simple things that were originally transformed into a noble and elegant things. Can be said that she invented an expensive bargain, this is a rich constraints, a kind of elegance of poverty. It is not only a revolution in the history of clothing, but also a revolution in social customs. “Parisian style has been successful revolution, and set-up in the Chanel bags, the woman wearing fake jewelry, wearing black, cropped hair protruding out of his neck , boys plain low-key style and has since become such a fashion in the deep and carry on the important aspects of the present day.

Hong Paris movie

Parisian style French Parisian fashion if the history of the development should be selected out of two to three decades on behalf of, the film is called the history of Parisian flowers bloom only the most dense and undoubtedly the most Yan Dingdingyouming new wave era. Although such a sweeping Isabelle Adjani was too missed the perfect face out of this crazy wrangling, also include Juliette Binoche not enter the back of subtle and melancholy, as the Tao have to do two to three decades on behalf of regret with de Beauvoir , Sagan these times of future generations to create a legendary memory of idols cross arm – the historical facts can only sigh at the Paris fashion too romantic suave, 100 to switch back to 1000, has landed on Taiwan is now over so the body figure is not exactly Road.

Like all the rage in Paris, the impression that now seems a new wave of children will fall into is also mingled with the taste differs. Adhere to taste, the pursuit of innovation and tradition of style becomes you in this film people using different aesthetic concepts were classified as New Wave auteur film and film writers on the left bank were two categories together to oppose the commercialization of the then popular “quality film”, with art fun instead of commercial tastes, but we Parisian style of the back, but also by these two types of starting.

New Parisian

Parisian style French moviegoing habits in the school have no alternative but to become a niche hobby, a group of lively French fashion icon who assume a large spread of any of the contemporary Parisian style. This is one of the most politicized of course ought to Carla Bruni, First Lady of the big names Needless to say you know a bit naturally. In fact, Parisian style really is a heritage nature of the Bruni body on the very nature of a new wave of girls – they all politics, fashion, slender, the cynical. Bruni disdain those who maliciously damage can, of course she is a fresh male sperm, the final appearance is not collected that prize Meicai also quite low residual suspicion of the brain. But who does not face exclaimed to her nude beauty, who will not revel in her Zidanzichang French chanson as well? Perhaps the one studied art architectural background, knowledge to dress, the private life of bohemian another controversial subject in such a small first husband talented people are most in line with French romantic literary image of passionate again.

Parisian style appears to have been thin in the end see the fog while still ambiguous and difficult to understand, too strong too complicated history of doping in which the character of so many people. Say it is a style, rather, is a spiritual one. All artistic creation, fashion trends are the shape, behind the transmission is both cautious and caution mad, both indulgence, detail, both biting satire of the French gentle nature also shy. Of this nature, in the description of Rodin meant “break free of all shackles, arbitrary, and finally found himself.” – Cherished original here, Parisian style taught us hold dear, in the end or our own selves.

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