Plant Gifts – Send Indoor Flowers and Plants

A popular, contemporary gift that is suitable for sending on a variety of occasions, is a tasteful bouquet of flowers. This gesture, is a long standing tradition, upheld in cultures all over the world. Many florists also have a range of plant gifts available in their catalogues in addition to fresh cut flowers. Plant gifts are ordered and delivered from flower retailers just as flower bouquets and gifts are.

A plant gift catalogue will have many varieties of plants to choose from. When you choose a plant for a gift, it is important to remember the following points. This will ensure that you make a choice that is perfect for a home or office environment.

Firstly, find a plant that is easy to care for. A houseplant is a wonderful gift, but if the recipient is presented with a plant requiring dedicated maintenance, there is every chance that the gift will not be as appreciated as intended.

Secondly, a plant that is useful is always a wise investment. Whether it is for air purification, to fill a dull spot in a person’s lounge or to symbolise a matter of personal importance, a plant which serves a purpose will be appreciated and is more likely to be cared for properly.

Make sure that the plant you choose for a gift is attractive and beautiful. Purchasing a plant with the ability to brighten a room or highlight a specific feature will ensure that the gift will be appreciated for years to come.

Plant Gifts
Indoor plants have many varieties and can be adapted for any environment and accessorised with a striking vase or trendy pot, for example on a work desktop, a good plant idea is a green leafed indoor variety with a stainless silver container for a minimalist touch.

Gift plants such African Violets are very popular as they are striking yet easy to care for. Their green stems and vibrant flower colours are an instant attraction and bring attention to any part of a room in which they are placed.

Looking after an indoor plant
The important factors to consider when looking after an indoor plant are lighting, water, air supply, soil, pot and fertiliser. Each plant is different in terms of these specific needs which is why research and knowledge are extremely important to keeping a plant gift alive and well cared for. Including some information about the specific plant being sent as a gift is a thoughtful way of ensuring that recipient can experience the full benefits of the plant.

Lighting has a strong effect on a plant and light that is too strong or weak will damage a plant due to lack of photosynthesis or too much heat. Photosynthesis is the metabolic activity of a plant, using light to turn carbon dioxide into food for its survival. Depending on the variety, too much sunlight can burn a plant as leaves of indoor plants tend to be delicate. Some plants will only require a very small amount of light whilst others require a medium or large amount of light.

Watering a plant should be done according to what suits the specific plant type. Succulents such as aloes do not require a large amount of watering and make perfect gifts for those with a busy schedule or a frequently changing routine. Succulents should not be watered too often as they are adapted to survive in very dry and arid climates without a steady water supply. Other plants require regular and frequent watering, and under watering will damage them. Over watering plants is just as harmful as under watering them.

The soil used for a plant in the home should be mixed with a small amount of fertiliser for the maximum health of the plant. Too much fertiliser will lead to a build up in salt which will harm the plant and damage the roots. Outdoor soil is not suitable for indoor plants as it becomes too compacted after a few months. When an indoor plant is re-potted, the soil used should always be potting soil and mixing a little sand with it will help the aeration and drainage. Soil for indoor plants should be relatively porous as this helps the watering and drainage of the plant.

Online Florists
Sending a plant as a gift is a gesture made with foresight and thought. Plant gifts are a reasonably modern favourite and have become so popular as they offer more to the recipient than average gifts. Plants are alive, ever changing, growing and bringing positive elements to any interior.

Online florists are a particularly easy way of sending a plant gift as they provide extensive catalogues which are easy to navigate, secure payment facilities, reliable delivery services and extremely attractive presentation and wrapping.

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