The 7 Best Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend – Tips for Women

Your boyfriend’s birthday is just around the corner! Are you tearing your hair out trying to find the perfect gift ideas that will not only make him happy but also gifts that he will appreciate and enjoy? Are you worrying about whether or not your gift is going to be enough to define your relationship or fear it will be too much? Here are the seven best gift suggestions for your boyfriend.

1) Pay attention to things that your boyfriend mentions he wants in passing. When his birthday comes around, he will not be expecting that gift and he will appreciate and love you more knowing that you have been paying attention to him and listening to his wants and needs.

2) Be creative with your gift ideas. Even though your boyfriend may not be the hopeless romantic on the outside, chances are he will appreciate a gift that you have actually spent time on. Spend some time planning a romantic evening for the two of you centered around him and his interests. Make a night of watching sports or rent movies that he enjoys and cherish the moment of just spending uninterrupted time together.

3) Get him something sexy and flirty. There are many gift stores out there that have those naughty, sexy little gifts that your boyfriend will absolutely love. Buying him cute “love” boxer shorts plastered with hearts and cupids will be a gift that only you and he will see and share together. Many of these specialty stores also have “love coupon books” where your boyfriend can “cash in” on one of the coupons for things such as a sensual massage, a secret kiss, and other things sexual in nature, all of which will cater to him and only him.

4) Another creative idea is making him a gift box or basket containing all of his favorite things. Include movies or CD’s of bands that he likes, food, and even gift cards to his favorite stores or restaurants. Wrap it up with your own special touch and he will love it!

5) Give him something that shows how you truly feel about him. Making a photo collage of special times you shared together or even pictures of different places, music, or restaurants that have special meaning to both of you and that only the two of you can truly appreciate.

6) If your creative juices just don’t seem to be flowing in the right direction, buy him his favorite cologne or aftershave. You will both be able to enjoy this gift for months to come as you have given him a bottle of his favorite scent and also the scent that makes you weak in the knees.

7) Plan a day for just the two of you to go out and enjoy the outdoors or other types of activities that he personally enjoys. If your boyfriend loves the outdoors and hiking, take a hike on some local trails and make it special by packing a picnic lunch for the two of you in a spot overlooking a breathtaking view of your city or town.

The perfect gift doesn’t always need to be bought. Being creative and using your imagination can produce some of the best gifts that leave a lasting impression on your boyfriend.

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