The Elite Tuxedo Rental Shops in California USA

Selix Formal Wear, Formal Headquarters International, and Tuxedo Junction are some of the most popular stores offering tuxedo rentals.

A man clad in an elegant tuxedo is every woman’s darling. Both men and women have the special preference for tuxedo as the gentleman’s formal attire for any occasion. That’s why tux rentals and stores are a hit. Below is a list of some of the most elite tuxedo rental shops in the State of California.

Selix Formalwear Company

Selix Formalwear is a family owned company that has been providing wedding suits for more than a century. It began to operate as a store offering suit rental and afterward ventured into formal wears. As expert in changes in fads and fashions, they already have instituted millions of clients with their professionalism and greatly styled tuxedos. Selix focuses on tuxedo retail and rental and is recognized by anybody who’s ever been to a wedding gathering or a prom.

The company has a processing firm in Hayward, California as well as owns several stores in the said State. With more than 20,000 coats offered, Selix supplies scores of the up to date, world class designer tuxedos that come with different styles, textiles, and colors. They provide tuxedos from the premium clothes designer including Seven Black, After Six, Raffinati, Oscar de la Renta, Chaps Ralph Lauren, and Fumagalli.

Formal Headquarters International

Formal Headquarters International (FMH) with branches all over California supplies the most modern wedding tuxedos and the most fashionable classic wedding suits of today. The company takes pride in its experienced formal clothing professionals as well as expert tailors who assist clients arrange for the perfect style and most budget-friendly wedding tuxedos.

Since ordering from the online catalog creates inaccuracies at times, clients of Formal Headquarters are motivated to visit the store personally so they can chose the best fit and design by trying on the tuxedos they desire. FMH’s well-located chains are found in Fremont, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Newark, Milpitas, and Union City California.

FMH give great efforts to come up with high end merchandise as all tuxedo suits go through quality inspection prior to delivery. Raw materials are bought from handpicked manufacturers in the US as well as other countries. FMH got its array of finest tuxedos from the creation of some of the world’s most distinguished fashion designers such as Andrew Fezza, After Six, Chaps Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Geoffrey Beene, Claiborne, Pierre Cardin, Jean Yves, plus a lot more.

Tuxedo Junction

For almost all tuxedo needs, from prom nights to formal parties to wedding events, Tuxedo Junction is the store to be. As experts in formal wear rental, they carry the designs and styles customers want at rates everyone can pay for.

With a large display of tuxedo styles and designs consisting of vests, shirts, ties, pants as well as shoes and accessories, they not only cater to grown ups but they offer tuxedos for little boys, too.

Regardless of your location, the company also covers free measuring service. Tuxedo Junctions are situated in many parts of California like San Jose, Burbank, Culver City, and Milpitas.

They present a number of suit designs such as double breasted shawl and notch, classic peak full dress, two or three button suits, and tailcoat tuxedos. You can choose from among excellent suits of Joseph Abboud, Riviera, Claremont, Palermo and more. Commonly preferred colors for wedding suits like black, white, charcoal gray and brown are joined by other shades such as champagne, red, pink, and ivory.

Visit these stores near you or explore their websites and catch a glimpse of their stylish tuxedos.

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