The Indian Sari—Fashioning The Female Form


From the times of Mahabharata, Sari has always been the traditional national dress for women. It has withstood the hardships of timeand is now almost 5,000 years old.A folktale has described the origin of sari as it being the creation of a fanciful weaver, who once dreamt of woman, and hence, by noticing her fragile form, strong heart, shimmering tears, soft touch and she, herself—he weaved a sari endlessly till he included all the qualities he dreamt in his dream of a woman, and then he just smiled and smiled saying nothing.

Like Greeks and Romans who used to have clothes draped around their bodies, the ancient people of India too wore garments that were easy to wrap and drape, rather than sewn because they have always believed in beauty and preferred the flexibility, a draped cloth allowed them.In India, rich and poor are divided when it comes to their status in the society, but they are alike in wearing the sari, the rich could afford to have latest sarees while poor might wear rough plain cotton or synthetic saris.

In India, Sari is the symbol of traditionalism. Being a symbol of beauty, elegance, and sensuality, saris have always been an important part of an Indian woman’s life. Any woman can end up looking as gorgeous as a diva with her own, unique style of draping, its designer blouses, and vibrant colors of latest saris available in markets.

One can embrace the radiance, vigor, and variety produced by this single, straight length of cloth anytime for any occasion. Not only Indian women but many Hollywood celebrities have tried out these and surprised people all around the world. It can be draped in various styles as per a woman’s comfort. Most commonly, it is wrapped around the waist, with its loose end worn over the shoulder, hinting stomach.

From Banarasi to Chanderi; from Georgette to Silk—we, Indians have a lot of options to get ourselves decorated with the beautiful saris we own.Although, there came quite a change in the way women wear her clothes- from salwar suit to kurta; from jeans to askirt, but none could replace the place of sari from women’s life or better say, from her wardrobe. Any woman can wear a sari, but how an Indian woman carries it, is a whole different story.

From bollywood to politics, a number of women have worn this ethnic wear in different styles. Some wear it as a formal Indian dress, while many loves to wear it as a traditional Indian dress.

Per many Indian actresses,‘’A sari covers the rightamount and exposes the right amount. It’s such a tease, and we like teasing….’’ We couldn’t agree more with this statement. Now, who wouldn’t like to be teased with this graceful clothing, when in turn it can grant us the wish of being the most beautiful woman, above all others, right?