The Perfect Family Home for Us

I wanted to find a really nice house in Denver, but I knew that my schedule would not allow me the time to look for it myself. I did a search for Denver luxury real estate so I could find a realtor who would be able to help me find the home of my dreams. I knew what I wanted, so it was easy to explain to the realtor to make it easier for him to find me what I wanted. My wife and I have three children, so we definitely needed a bigger house.

I wanted all of the children to have their own rooms. Growing up, I had to share a bedroom with two brothers, and I really hated having no privacy. I did not want my kids to feel that at all. I also wanted at least four bathrooms, because two of my kids are girls. Living with three females is hard when you don’t have at least one bathroom for each of them! I also wanted a nice yard because I wanted the kids to be able to have fun outside. I did not want them playing on the street, or in front of the TV on a video game console, so I wanted a backyard that was big enough for any of the activities that kids like.

The realtor was able to get the information on six different properties that fit all of the requirements that I wanted along with many I didn’t even know I wanted. The house that we ended up with has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a large back yard. It also has a state of the art kitchen, a family room in the finished basement, and an outdoor kitchen. I know that we are going to enjoy this house no matter the season, because there is something for all of us here!