Top 5 Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

Diwali is a massively celebrated festival in the Indian Subcontinent. The festival is also very well acknowledged all across various industries and employers make it a point to gift their employees something to commemorate the same. Employees also expect their respective companies to gift them something as a gesture. This also becomes an integral part of the employee satisfaction. We will further in the article suggest Diwali gift ideas for employees.

Things to do Diary

A lot of companies prefer gifting their employees a useful ‘Things to do Diary Set’ over any other gift item. Things to do diary is an extremely simple yet appreciated gift. Most employees use up diaries at a very fast pace and a well-bound diary is always pleasant to have.  Employees can use it to make notes, write their daily pan or can use it as a business organiser.

Lucky Ganesh Set

Diwali is a festival where Lord Ganesh is prayed to and considered pious. Companies can assemble a set of lucky Ganesh idol and a small bamboo plant set which is a symbol of gratitude and luck. Bamboo plants are very widely gifted during Diwali as they are believed to bring good vibes wherever they are kept. Some employees may even want to keep it at their work desk.

Table Clocks and Pen Stand

A table clock and a pen stand might be very clichéd items to gift to but they are the most useful. All employees require having a small table clock at their work station to be punctual or simply be aware of the time. Gifting their employees with a table clock is not only thoughtful but also very professional and makes for an excellent Diwali Gift!

Office Set

Pens, Key Chains, Pen Stand, ATM Card Holder, Wallet, Visiting Card Holder, Display Stand, Personalised Pens, and Photo Keychain are some of the few items that primarily are a part of an office setting. It may differ from company to company as to what items they are willing to include in an office setting but it a very well thought out gifts to give to employees for an occasion like Diwali.

Leather Items

Leather items, be it a diary or a bag, have a very professional and classic finish to them. Gifting any leather item for Diwali to employees will make them feel elated. Leather products come in various varieties so it doesn’t necessarily have to be very expensive. Even simple diaries or leather wallets can be gifted for Diwali.


Diwali is a special festival for most people should be treated like it in companies as well. Although giving Diwali gifts is not a mandate in any company the practice of the same is very well prevalent. It is a gesture that can change how satisfied employees are and how they feel about the company. We have tried giving you the top 5 Diwali gifts for corporates that are readily available and will help you keep your employees happy!