Top Ten Promotional Gifts To Give Away To Your Clients Or Customers

Many businesses tend to overlook the power of promotional items when it comes to increasing the awareness of the company, with some blaming costs and others blaming lack of time. But, a well thought out promotional gift can really make the existing customer remember your company for a long time, or can attract new customers to try out your product or services if the gift is of good quality and inventiveness.

Pens – We all use pens, from the age of five until we reach the end of our innings, so if you are looking to find a gift that is guaranteed to be used by everyone, the pen really is it. If you look at your desk or your kitchen draw, try to count how many pens you have just lying around, and then also have a look at how many are promotional items you have picked up over the years or have been given. You will then realise the power of the promotional pen!

Mugs – A cup of coffee or six throughout the day is common place in most offices or homes, so why not give away a mug or cup with your logo and details on it. Then, when someone sits back for their hot beverage they will see all of your company branding and details. The nice thing about these gifts is that although they can be expensive to produce, they last for a long time and people do not really like throwing things like this away, meaning they will keep them until they break.

Postit Notes – Every desk in every office has a space with a postit note pad on it. Even with the age of computers, notebooks and mobile phones, all of us will at some point want to jot something down on traditional pen and paper. So, if you give away a pack of postit notes with your company logo on the top, every time the sticky notes are read, people will instantly see your company.

Mousemats – Mousemats can sometimes make an ideal gift because they are usually quite big and will give you a lot of room for your company logo, details and a slogan, without it looking crammed in or squashed. Anyone using a desktop and sometimes a laptop or notebook will use a mouse mat, as most mice will only work effectively on a certain type of surface and these mats will be durable and be on a desk or home office for a long time.

Coasters – To go along side the mugs, produce coasters. Not only will the customer have one of your mugs on their desk, they will also have something to put it on and therefore protect their surface from messy coffee or tea stains!

Balloons – How often have you gone shopping and seen the town covered balloons, proudly being carried by customer’s children and grand children? Balloons are a cracking promotional gift because the kids love them and you can guarantee they will be walking around the town for all of the other customers to see, and hopefully attract to your shop!

Bags – Traditional promotional carrier bags will be used by millions of people every day of the year. With carrier bags becoming more environmentally friendly, especially with the invention of bags for life which last for a long time, encouraging someone to re-use your bag no matter where they are is a great idea.

USB Stick – USB Sticks are just a brilliant promotional item, with the majority of us now using a computer it makes sense to give away something that will be used on a daily or weekly basis, like a USB Stick would be. You can have your logo on the front of the stick and whenever someone takes a back up of their files or moves a document to their laptop, your business will be there to jog their memory.

Notepads – Every office in every country has a desk with a notepad on. Even with the age of computers, notebooks and mobile phones, all of us will at some point want to jot something down on traditional pen and paper. So, if you give away a notepad with your company logo on the top or somewhere on the paper, every time the notes are read, people will instantly see your company.

Business Card Holders – If you attend a meeting, exhibition or trade fair, the likelihood is that you will walk away with one, if not more business cards. The trouble with business cards is where to store them so that you do not lose them or they do not look a mess on the desk, so giving away a promotional business card holder will mean that every time someone uses it, they will be glad they have it as it saves a messy desk.

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